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Deadwood is still his finest hour. I just wish there’d been more hours of it. Hopefully, they’ll make the rumoured film at some point.



Aw yeah, Martian Force Recon Marines


Technically, this is true, but only because he is, and always will be, Lovejoy, so being Lovejoy cannot count as a pre-defined time frame of excellence and therefore not simply just his finest hour.


True. But so says the forever young Oasis fan wannabe. :wink:

(I’m not sure what you heard about Oasis football hooligan followers. That particular incident was a one-off, and very much misunderstood. Sometimes the referee deserves ALL the swearing).

Actually, I did have to intervene in a fight once. I got severely told off afterwards though. Apparently the bloke I stopped was a bit of a psycho, so I was lucky not to get thumped.

What are you listening to?

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What are you listening to?

Lee Majors Makes His Comic-Con Debut At ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Panel


I love Rocky Horror, both the movie and on stage, but I share your your sentiments here - although I will also watch it regardless out of duty.


I’ve never read American Gods. I’ve got it, but never got to it. So slight disclaimer there. But that was the best out of all the umpteen trailers I’ve watched this morning. Brilliant cast.


My big concern is the audience shots in the trailer. If the actual show keeps cutting back to a fake crowd shouting at the screen and dancing the time warp it’s going to completely miss the point of the audience participation in the first place.


Sherlock Series 4

Edit: Youtube:


I don’t know what that is, but it’s really moved a long way from a couple of people investigating tricky crimes.


Yeah, I think I’ve said before that I miss the straight ‘mystery’ stories of the early days. I’ve never been much of a fan of this series’ take on Moriarty, so it’s a bit of a disappointment to me that he’s been such a constant presence in the recent stories.

As with Moffat’s Doctor Who, I think there’s a bit of a risk of this series getting so sidetracked by its big overarching plot ideas that it loses the simple fun that makes it enjoyable in the first place. I still find stuff to enjoy in it, though.


I really enjoy it, but I sort of accept that it is Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss being a bit indulgent and doing their take on Sherlock Holmes. As such it has lots of twisty-turny storytelling and playing games with the audience.

I would be surprised if there were very many more series to come though. I would expect that Cumberbatch and Freeman are going to be increasingly unavailable. I hope there are, even intermittently, but realistically I imagine not.


I’m becoming less worried about that outcome.


I forgot…I think it would be fair to say that you’re not a big Moffat fan. Is that fair?

In any case, I can see how Sherlock could be maddening for a lot of people (series 3 particularly).


Yeah, that trailer really made me look forward to the show. Not that I wasn’t going to be watching anyway, but still - that trailer would’ve made me watch the show if I had never heard of the book or the writer.


I think he’s a very good writer, he’s written some wonderful stuff, including Sherlock.

But I’m not a fan of him as a show runner, I don’t like his long term habits, tics and obsessions.


Its great.

Although I thought the last special wasnt so good, I think its a smart show and SteveUK is #wrongaboutsherlock


I’m just glad Stephen Thompson isn’t writing one this season; his episodes are usually the weakest for me.