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Techie people assist me Please!


Okay Tech nerds!

We’ve gotten the Nephew a PS4 for Christmas. Under His Mammies orders

But the TV he has is Scart only. And not likely to be upgraded anytime soon. Under His Mammies orders.

Any recommendations for a HDMI Scart Converter?


A loving uncle would buy him a TV too Mark…

They’re all the same I think, just get one handy from Anazon.


I’m a liking Uncle. And I think the PS4 was pushing it a bit.
I mean he’s not even my Favourite.

The Sister is proving resistant to the notion of a new TV.


Whenever I need adapters, splitters or cables I always buy cheap shitty ones from China off of ebay. They almost always work and there’s never any noticeable difference between them and high end, uber expensive products.


Yeah, I’ve done the same. Those ultra-expensive high-end gold-plated ones always make me laugh. Does anyone actually buy them?


From what I know (and bear in mind I work with Chinese tech factories daily), I’d be surprised if any of it wasn’t made there, most probably on the same line.

Branding means very little nowadays, I do like upsetting Apple purists when I tell them the screen of their iPad is outsourced completely to Samsung, who then give the production to Taiwanese owned factories in China and made on the same line as a hundred different budget PCs. .


Oh yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised by the fact everything came from the same factory (my factory story relates to the biscuit factory I worked in before going to uni that made shortbread for Harrods one day and the same biscuits for Lidl the next). I meant the cables, etc I buy are the dirty cheap shitty ones that ship direct from China rather than the more expensive cheap shitty ones that are already in the UK and have had their prices marked up.