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Anyone here into tattoos?


I don’t have any. I never found anything I wanted to permanently ink on my body.


Robert B has a cool one if you’re into wrestling.


I’m just glad it’s hard to tell what body part I have the tattoo on from that photo.


Are you thinking of getting inked Al? Why don’t you post some of your own thoughts when starting a thread to get the ball started rather than leaving things hanging like that.

I personally am not into them at all but don’t go on about it. Fair play to those that do have them.




A guy I work with doesn’t have any but loooooooves girls that do. Every time we go to Fort Hood for work he wants to get together for dinner at the nearby Tilted Kilt because the waitresses look like they’re auditioning to be Suicide Girls.


I’ve always enjoyed the Edinburgh one.



What part of your body is that on, Gar?


A similar place to your Edinburgh one.


You don’t want to know where the Royal Mile ended up.


I don’t have any tattoos. I want one, I’ve just never been able to settle on what to get. I had my ear pierced back in the mid- nineties. It took me a week to get bored with it.

Cass has a bunch (5) of tattoos. I am a fan.


I’ve got some ink, but after 25 years I realized my taste and priorities change (you never listen to the wiser generation when you’re 18! :wink: ) I still like the ink I have, but it’s not what I would choose today. If I could do it over I would have spent the money on some nice art that hangs on the wall instead of my arms. It’s much easier to redecorate when nothing is permanent. If you are going to get some, I would suggest waiting until after 30.


Come on, we’re all experts (at least of the armchair variety) on art here. We’ve collectively looked a millions of pages of comic art in all styles.

So surely we can all agree that, no matter what the style or skill of the artist, the best place to put a piece of art is on a piece of paper (or, if you must, a screen)?

Human skin is a very poor canvas. Anything ink you put on it, no matter how skilfully executed, will inevitable look dull, muddy, and blurry.


Just because you made a big error yourself David with this tattoo doesn’t mean you get to lecture everyone else.



I have a half sleeve on either arm, another tattoo on my right forearm and one on my left shoulder blade. Everything I got has emotional significance to me so there’s nothing I regret getting.


I’ve considered starting with a Superman S-shield on my right shoulder. If I went further I would surround it with a Kirby krackle shoulder sleeve that incorporates the various shades of blue that his suit has been over the years.

The trouble is picking the version of the S-shield. I think my preference is Quitely’s version from All-Star Superman or Byrne’s from Man of Steel.


I’ve got three, a tribal-esque piece a friend drew for me back at sixth form and a word in runic on the back of each of arms.

Friend of mine has a crazy good tattoo artist he uses, at some point in the future I’ll visit him to half sleeve both my arms.

This is my friends leg piece.