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Talking Some Olympics


Southern California closes beaches if the contamination exceeds 100 parts per billion. The precise areas for the water sports were tested yesterday in Rio, and the least had >2,000,000 parts per billion.

Opening Ceremony Friday!

Soccer has already started, probably field hockey and any other long games with multiple rounds.

Russia is again having a few problems with State-sponsored steroids.

So - let’s yak it up here, people! Olympics! Rio!

I really cannot wait for the golf.

No, I mean it! I’m not waiting on some golf!


Parts of what? Strawberry jam?


I’m looking forward to archery, rugby sevens (will US Olympic rugby dominance finally end?!) and handball, which was my highlight of 2012.


I like archery. Remember the American, Justin somebody, from '84 or whatever? Got to watch him practice a couple of times. Could still draw a bow then, pre-injury, so I can say I competed with an Olympian!

(btw, I beat the crap out of him. 4 or 5 points, can’t remember exactly.)


Bacteria and virii.

According to California’s bacterial tests standards, 400 fecal coliforms per 100 millilitres is the upper limit for a beach to be considered safe for swimming. AP’s tests revealed that Copacabana Beach, where the marathon and triathlon swimming are to be held and thousands of tourists are likely to take a dip, exceeded California’s limit five times over 13 months of testing.

Good article, methinks.


No, that was from before I was born.


I am rarely interested in the Olympics. In 2012, I thought the opening ceremony was amazing, but other than that the only thing I watched was a replay of Katie Taylor being awarded the gold medal (for which I felt a small swell of patriotism as the Irish National anthem was played).

Other than that, the only thing I really enjoyed about the Olympics was the tendency of Irish TV (RTE) to send over some of their old hand commentators to talk about sports that they plainly know nothing about. My favourite was listening to Jimmy Magee (much happier talking about football or Hurling) trying to give some narrative to the velodrome cycling in Seoul referring to one veteran competitor as “The old dog for the hard velodrome”.


I love the Olympics. It’s not in a great time zone for me this time though, most of the events will be on while I’m at work.

I’ll likely record the rugby sevens to watch afterwards. I am a long term rugby fan but regardless of that 7’s (which is a truncated version of the game, like 5 a side football) is one of the best spectator sports around. It’s 7 minute a side of high scoring and free running action and as soon as one game finishes they bring on the next. My wife tolerates my rugby fandom but when I took her to the Hong Kong Sevens she loved it.


Unfortunately here I think a lot of events will be running through the night, so we’ll likely need to wait until the follow day to watch replays.

I typically don’t watch that much of the Olympics but I might try and watch some of it with the kids this time around. Their only knowledge of the Olympics so far is playing Mario & Sonic on the Wii. :slight_smile:


The BBC coverage looks like it could be quite helpful this year. For 2012 they used the red button to provide coverage of pretty much everything, but this time those red button streams are available as “proper” channels on the EPG (for Sky at least) which means you can easily see what’s on when and record them. Plus, they’ll be in HD.


They do amazing coverage of big sporting events here. They just add on dedicated channels. In Euro 2016 they had two channels playing all the games live and then on a loop of replays if you missed them. In 2012 they had 10 Olympic channels and I just surfed between events.


I think the BBC replayed a Wales game (that had been live on ITV) overnight in Euro 2016. That’s about it.

But then, you only have to compare the BBC’s Wimbledon coverage, which has flaws certainly, but is broadly great, to ITV’s piss-poor French Open coverage to see how much worse it could all be.


BBC sports coverage is invariably better than ITV. I don’t know why but despite spending less money in general they almost always do better.

I know that because despite having been outside for a long time the broadcasters here use the English feeds from the host broadcaster. So if I watch an EPL football match it is Sky or BT commentary.


I quite like women’s beach volleyball, and again our US team looks to medal. What concerns me is that the beach may not have been cleaned, as there is all sort of crud there, including medical waste.


The Rio Death Games Begin!!


I’m torn about the rugby. On one hand it’s great to get the exposure but with 7’s it’s the equivalent of having a 2on2 pickup game of basketball.

I couldn’t bear having a team like USA running around saying they are the still the Olympic rugby champs.

There’s way to much chance involved in the game for my liking and the best team doesn’t always win.

This is basically my preamble for when NZ drop out and everyone else claims they are better than us.



There’s no way the 15 a side game fits into the Olympics. Playing that many games over 2 weeks would kill the players. It also falls for me into sports where it wouldn’t be the ultimate prize, players would care more for winning the world cup.

So I’m really of the opposite view to be honest. 7’s is ideal because of the quick recovery time, it’s easy for new viewers to follow and there’s a greater spread of countries that have a chance.

From a Kiwi fan’s perspective I could see your point but it’s not designed from that perspective. :wink:


We didn’t intend to watch the opening ceremony, but our neighbours woke us early with some loud construction work so we sat and watched all 4 hours from 9.00 am.

Very political with the whole climate change angle.

And it’s bittersweet watching the teams pour in - “Oh hey, Iraq - sorry about the whole war thing…”. “Oh, Syria - yeah, about that…”, “Hi Tuvalu - look, we’ll try and make room for you here when your country’s swallowed by the sea on account of our emissions…”, “Rwanda - you’re right; we should have done more, and sooner…”

I did get a bit teary at the massive reception the Palestinian team received, as well as the Refugee team.


So far I’ve watched a bit of rowing (for which the BBC commentary was dreadful and I think they got caught out with a mic on when they didn’t realise and were mocking some Kiwi athlete’s name), archery and now the women’s 10m air rifle. Bit weird that’s having its final on the first morning of the entire event.

Is it just me or are all the signs and competitor number sheets in Comics Sans?


Good morning.

Somehow, I’m going to get the residuals for “Girl from Ipanema”. At a buck a play I’m gonna get rich!

Inspections continue. The roads are being checked by a bunch of bicycle tires. The beach is being cleared for the ladies by men’s beach volleyball.

We might see more of the events if there was not a thirty-second tag on either end!