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Swamp Thing (Spoilers)


After years of wanting to check it out, I finally had the opportunity to read Grant Morrison/Mark Millar’s Swamp Thing run, followed by Mr. Millar’s conclusion to the series.

I just wanted to say I thought it was amazing, and a perfect end to the character. Years ago, I came across the Alan Moore run, and fell in love with the character and supporting cast, and the dark and magical world they lived in.

Over the years, I was able to find an occasional back issue for later writers on that particular incarnation of Swamp Thing… enough to be intrigued, but never enough to get the full story.

I picked up later versions, as DC tried periodic relaunches of the series… some were okay, some left me more than a little irritated with what they had done with one of my favorite characters, and none captured the magic of the Moore run.

Until this weekend, when I finally had the pleasure of reading the Morrison/Millar run in its entirety.

I loved it! The magic and creepiness were definitely there… I wasn’t thrilled that Swamp Thing was turning into some sort of emotionless monster. His humanity was one of the things I loved so much about the character during Moore’s run.

But then the way it came full circle… damn, that was great!!! Definitely a fitting end to one of the coolest comic characters I’ve ever read. Again, getting back to the humanity of Swamp Thing. That was perfect.

And little touches, too. John Constantine is another favorite when he’s done right, and Millar nailed it. And that whole damned priest/redemption of Arcane was brilliant.

Good stuff!


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