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Swamp-Man-Thing. Maybe, kinda, Who knows?


No submitting it to DC, i’m afraid.
I made a few enquiries about showing a few people over there my story.
I was told i needed to hear back from their legal department, to see if i could send it across, because its a complete story.
Sadly i never heard back…which is fine.
I know they get inundated with emails, postal samples, phone calls, so i didn’t take it personally.
That’s why i posted it on here, because i wanted to share it with you lot.
No point having a comic finished if no one is reading it! :smiley:
But, as i said before, i made it for fun because i had a story i really wanted to tell.


Yeah DC and Marvel won’t really accept script submissions anyway. I’m surprised they were polite enough to say they’d consider it.


worth a shot though and that’s why i made the entire comic, because i thought.
Well and artist can send in Art submission, why not throw some text on there to show them what i can do.
Because reading scripts on there own ain’t exactly fun.
But hey-ho, i’ll keep plugging away…maybe someone with discover this hidden talent…one day. :wink:


Last night finished writing a 1st draft of a Superman script that i wanan make like this…
My favorite thing i have ever written to date…
O, DC, wherefore art thou, to pay me for it. :frowning:


remember when i made this?!

sorry selfish bump…

Phil who did the art and i have done another story that i’ll be sharing VERY soon…


I never saw this Swamp Thing story - WOWOW




Bernie Wrightson has passed away :pensive:


Such a sad day, he inspired me to make this.

Thank you, Bernie!


Oh no :frowning:


yep…such sad news :disappointed:


for some reason the pictures were lost and it won’t let me add them in the original post…
so here it is again!

I wanted to bump it last week after i heard that Len Wein had passed away, because without his and Berine’s inspiration i would never have made this!

Thanks guys!

Might have a go at colouring it too soon! :wink: