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Surprisingly untold stories


Here’s an interesting if difficult question - what are you surprised has never actually been made into a movie, television show or other form of popular media. I’m not really talking about strange or unusual ideas - like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - but more like something that seems obvious, but you can’t think of anything that actually did that.

For example, a few years ago, someone on the forum mentioned the idea of Zombie Dinosaurs - basically DAWN OF THE DEAD meets JURASSIC WORLD. We’ve gotten ZOOMBIES and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM gave us a skeleton T-rex, but we really haven’t seen dinosaur zombies. I think that would at least rate a low-budget comedy horror film, but I can’t really think of anything that I would call Zombie Dinosaurs.

For me, the most obvious idea that I’ve never even seen a hint of would be HAUNTED WHITE HOUSE. Basically, what if the White House was haunted by a killer ghost? Or even a MONSTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE story - I can’t think of one (surely there is at least a horror novel that is set in the White House somewhere). Something like an aide or movie star has an affair with the president, gets killed to cover it up and then comes back from the dead for revenge. It seems like an obvious story with the First Lady or First Daughter as the innocent protagonist, but I’ve never seen it. Did I miss it?

Given the completely predictable nature of the various movie and pop entertainment genres, what are the “likely stories” that you’re surprised you’ve never seen?


We’ve never seen the cinematic story of why Adolf Hitler only had one testicle. I think that could be a very popular all-ages romp!!

Or not.


Ninjas vs aliens


Yeah, you would expect to have at least seen something of that somewhere, but I can’t think of where. I can’t even think of Kung Fu fighters vs. aliens.

Even in Marvel comics, did the Hand ever take on the Skrulls?

Still, it’s surprising it hasn’t been mentioned in at least one of all those Hitler biopics that come out every few years… actually, I kinda understand why their are only a handful of Hitler and Stalin biopics in all the decades since WW2, but it is a little strange that when Hitler does show up in a movie, he’s usually treated as this mysterious, almost demonically powerful presence like the Emperor in Star Wars.



They didn’t really do much with that though., did they? You never got to see Elektra or The Hand throw down with the Skrull, IIRC.

On the other hand, Lego Ninjago has them fighting aliens on a regular basis. And TMNT, I guess, too. Maybe they’ve got those bases covered.

How’s about ninja vs zombies then?


[quote=“Vikram, post:6, topic:9948, full:true”]
They didn’t really do much with that though., did they? You never got to see Elektra or The Hand throw down with the Skrull, IIRC.[/quote]
True, I don’t remember seeing how she got abducted and whether there was a fight between them.

Aren’t The Hand already zombie-ninjas? :slight_smile:


I’m not playing anymore :rage:


Kung Fu Zombies are an idea I’m surprised we haven’t seen Hong Kong use.

Surely there is a story about Vampires dealing with a zombie epidemic, right? It would be a major threat to their food supply!

In the thriller genre, I am a little surprised we haven’t gotten a gender reversed version of FATAL ATTRACTION
Is there something like that?


I think the ship’s sailed on it actually happening, but Grant Morrison and Barry Sonnenfeld once cooked up Dinosaurs vs. Aliens. Admittedly they seem to have neglected Jeff Goldblum in the concept. Probably explains why it went nowhere.


Cavemen vs Astronauts is a concept I’d be up for. Sorta like Ancient Aliens meets Planet of the Apes with one side smart and capable in one way and the other side with advantages of their own, and of course, a few who are able to work together trying to stop the battle before it gets out of hand.

I guess AVATAR is close enough.


Puppies vs Grumpy Old Men.

A group of clever and adorable puppies ban together to prevent world-wide catastrophe by charming a group of curmodgeonly old internet forum members.


I’ve noticed weres other than werewolves are far and few between.


OMG! You’re right!!!



I was a little surprised when I started seeing monster mermaid movies. I mean, creature from the black lagoon style monsters are classic, but mermaids never really scared me as a kid.

Now this is a “were-mermaid”


I direct you to:


This has been at least mentioned in some contexts now, I think, but it’s an idea I had in 8th grade and considering that it’s pretty damn obvious it hasn’t popped up a lot: Vampire Jesus.

I mean, come on. All that stuff about drinking blood? And rising from the dead? He was obviously the first vampire. So where’s the big “Jesus Christ: Father of the Vampires!” movie?


I mean he’s also kind of a zombie at the end there.


I think the Vampire mythology in that regard was mostly influenced by Catholicism, right? The idea being that the vampire represents a Satanic mockery of Jesus’ resurrection with the 3 days in the grave and reliance on blood intended to profane the sacred myth.


There was a movie that did this - wasn’t it Blade 3? Or maybe John Carpenters Vampires?

I know I’ve seen this somewhere…