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Superman V Batman trailer - the very final one!


This is the Batman I’ve always wanted to see on film. All the way to Keaton he looked like he was moving inside armour. He was like a statue. This Batman is PROPER NEAL ADAMS BATMAN and he’s awesome.

Nice to see Jeremy Irons playing Robert Downey Jr as Alfred…


Yeah, this looks like a Batman film I want to see.

Plus, that look on Superman’s face at the end was great.

Who knows how all the other Superman/Doomsday/Lex/Justice League stuff will work out, but I’ll be there for Batman on the strength of this trailer.


I’m actually getting quite excited about this now. I’m just hoping they get Wonder Woman right or I’m going to have a seriously angry 8 year old daughter.


Having multiple nergasms.

At my age, that’s not always pleasant.

More. BRING IT! More!


I’m nervous. I walked into Man of Steel pre programmed to enjoy it. My favourite Superhero. On screen again with many millions behind it and clever people writing the story. I walked out a curious cocktail of disappointment, resentment, frustration and disbelief. I like Ben Affleck. Henry is solid timber in everything I’ve seen him in, though he looks the part.

I fear more disappointment.


Public Enemy - Don’t believe the hype…


It’s funny how Man of Steel was this thoughtful reflection on what it would mean to have powers in a powerless world, and how the B vs S trailers asked the question how does mankind respond when a God walks among them, and this trailer is a hit because Batman punches people.

With the movie about to come out, I’m reminded of one of my favorite moments, the time they announced this movie at SDCC. Year later, it still gives me chills.


Now that’s MY Goddamn Batman!!!

I thought I was too old to be getting excited for movies but I am legitimately excited for this movie.


I’m just happy to have a Batman that can turn his head with the cowl on.


Due to massive levels of violence, the film is for those 15 and over.

Cue one hacked off 8 year old…


Dang, Ben. I really hate to say it, but I’m pulling for the kid.

I mean, i did it, and I turned out fine.




“And here we have a prime example of what watching Zack Snyder films does to a person…”


Man of Steel was a “thoughtful reflection?”


This trailer was freaking awesome! :smile:


Wow. Just,wow!


It looks awesome and there’s no way I could keep my 13 year old away from it!


This is going to kick so much ass.


How can the trailer be rated a 15?


I got the impression you were way older. You’re certainly a mature 8 year old.