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"Superman: The Movie": the inside story


Stop what you’re doing and read this. I won’t even spoil any of the amazing stories by quoting anything:


Thanks for sharing, Robert. That was a great interview.


Definitely agree, that was a great read.

Would make a brilliant documentary, the whole ‘making of’, actually.


This was great, thanks Robert.


Really good read. Ta. But it forgot to include the part where Margot Kidder said she wanted to adopt me. Mind you that was a lifetime later.


To be fair, Margot Kidder is great as Lois. You don’t immediately like her. She’s selfish and driven and bit condescending. She makes you come to her as a character, which ultimately makes you like her more.


Kidder is a highlight of the movie, she just grabbed that role and ran with it, but it’s a very well cast film all around.


“The most important thing when you look at it is this: Make a love story. And prove a man can fly.”

I loved that comment. It’s weird to think that at that time they were were aiming for a sense of wonder.

Different times.

Edit: Immediately regretting comment. Not a slam on Batman V Superman, Man of Steel, AOU or anything else. More an observation of a changing sensibility.


I wouldn’t regret the comment I was thinking the same and like you it wasn’t a dig at recent movie’s.
I can still remember the feeling the movie gave me.


I actually think Man of Steel had it to some extent, but as personal sensibilities vary I don’t need to argue the point.

All of the contemporary superheroes could use a little more of that—not just superheroes but all blockbuster movies—but it’s also a lot harder to impress modern audiences with VFX and an overarching sense of awe.

Wonder should be the founding element of any Fantastic Four film, that’s why they keep failing at making them.


Not just wonder, but the helping people bit! Like, give the viewer a real sense that the reason this powered costume person is doing this is to keep people safe from harm, and do that on a small scale, like the Donner films, or Burton’s Batman or Raimi’s Spider-Man films showed. These days the heroes seem only to expect st to save the world from huuuuge attacks.


My brother and sister remind me that I used to tie an old towel around my neck and jump off the sofa. I also went through a period of wanting people to call me Superman (no, not last week…when I was a small child :smile:).

I genuinely love that film.

I’m not crazy about Man of Steel, but will agree that there was good stuff in there. I think that I may be the only person in the world who liked the Krypton bit at the start, and the flying scene was terrific.

I agree with you about Fantastic Four. Imaginauts all the way.


I came out of Batman v Superman with the overriding feeling that Cavill’s Superman isn’t, above all other things, good.

There’s that bit where Lois scoffs at Superman when he quite honestly says, ‘I never lie, Lois’. And you just don’t get that feeling from, well, Snyder’s Superman, that he is 100% goddamn noble.


I love it as an actual Sci-Fi film in and of itself, but it doesn’t nail any part of the Superman mythos at all, and instead smashes every single finger holding the nail in place.


I always hated that bit in the Reeve’s films. It’s insincere. He lies to Lois everyday.



I don’t often repost a quote just to repost it, but when it’s making a darned good point, I will.

And thanks for posting the article up Robert.


That’s something I think JJ Abrams or Brad Bird get. That if you keep close enough to the protagonist and keep their world grounded and following a set of rules, when you break the rules and insert a bit of wonder, you go with it because you can see on the protagonist’s face there’s nothing like that in their world.

Kind of like following Sam Neil’s progress from his dig to the reveal of the Brachiosaurs, they really took time to cement us a) in his world, and b) with him long enough to like him.

Or something. That may not have made sense.


It’s not just you. That might have been my favourite part.


He never tells her that he isn’t Superman.


But he does lie every time he’s going to change into Superman.

You can’t Obi-Wan this into “a certain point of view” bullshit. He outright says, “I never lie, Lois.” If he had said, “I always try to be honest with people.” that would be different.