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Superior movie moving ahead at Fox


I read this screenplay last year and it’s my favourite of all the adaptations so far. So warm and so funny. It’s amazing. Gonna be a very big family movie I think.



I wish I could like this post more than once. I just posted a link to the same news in the movies thread. I’m so looking forward to this film.


Hey Mark - I’m wondering. Announcing the Annual you said you have “been a little precious” about others writing your characters. Obviously Wanted had to have blown this out of the water in many ways. What are your thoughts, and more important, emotions, after the submission-fest? So many people presenting you, personally, with their interpretation of your creations?


This is the Millar movie I’m looking forward to the most!..well, maybe Huck or Chononauts or Jupiter’s… :wink:


That’s absolutely fantastic news sir. Congratulations.

Mark, some day I’m going to have to explain to you exactly what Superior means to me. If I can do it without crying that is…