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Holy crap. Thank you! I don’t know where to put these, I only made room for 8.

I will endeavour to fix this oversight in a future video. Once I make room for more points!


Well, what the hell do you want me to do with these other nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-two points then? I need to put them somewhere.


Can we dig a pool and swim in them like Scrooge McDuck?


Top Gear for comic nerds. Genius idea.

The Kristin Stewart joke made me laugh out loud.


Cheers :grinning:
I’m really surprised there isn’t a top gear for geeks out there, I think Comic Book Men is probably the best attempt so far and it’s pretty so-so as they’ve structured it like Pawn Kings.

I was relying on my mother for the prop for that Kristen Stewart joke but she’d given all her recent gossip magazines to her friend, so I had to go to the shop and get one which was probably a good thing as I pretty much destroyed it.


I liked that you didn’t go for the easy laugh with the “How dare famous people have a private life?” outrage.


This may explain my thinking on stuff like that :grinning:


Hopefully there’s some technical improvements here from the last vid. Still not perfect and I had a bunch of sound issues but I’m happy enough with it. It was supposed to be up on Friday but I was blocked by BBC for content (Doctor Who stuff) so had to re edit to fix it and take that stuff out while working my normal busy weekend.

Let me know all your thoughts good or bad :grinning:

Television News & Miscellany

Oh also, I was hoping to have another up by now but it didn’t go according to plan, but please share this with anyone you think would enjoy it


This is turning out to be really great.

  • The production work you’re putting in is fantastic. Structuring the video, editing in the clips, really top notch.
  • As is the structure itself. Nice way to introduce everything and walk through the conversation.
  • Always call actors by something other than their real name. It’s great.
  • Watch the skit length - you don’t want them to last too long. You’re not filling in a TV show fixed time here, so trim back as much as possible The phone bit was at least one ring too long.
  • Did I see the white man lip bite when you’re dancing at the end?
  • Keep with standing up while you’re talking. Adds to the energy of the video.
  • Your lighting is still bad. As is the background. If you’re going to do this you need vastly improved lighting and not look like you’re in a bedroom. Like get this fixed as soon as you can. Pick a different room or something. Look at what other Youtubers are doing. Surrounding yourself with superhero stuff.
  • Nice twingle twangle background music. Stick with it.
  • Don’t ever open with ‘Behold’ again or I’ll fly home to slap you.
  • Youtube works with fast paced banter, you’ve got a few too many silent gaps & slow delivery, particularly between sentences or when you’d have a comma. It comes off as script reading rather than conversation. Get it down more, or speak off the cuff more. You’ve got some script jump edits in there but you need to maintain that pace throughout.
  • I think you need to aim for a 5-6 minute video for these things. I bet you could edit this down to 5:30 and it’d be far sharper.
  • I think you missed two tricks - one, why is this your favorite story and two what’s Ricky like. You could bring more enthusiasm and excitement (I know, against Norn Iron mindset but be a bit American).

Honestly I can see BBC Norn Iron offering you a gig doing this for their late night review show or something soon. These are basically audition tapes.


And you’d better be doing a video for Guardians 2.


First off, I can’t thank you enough for this feedback, it’s very difficult for me to get it amongst friends in real life and family but here I can trust everyone to give me accurate thoughts.

Thank you for the positives obviously, I love hearing that, especially you being able to see me on TV, but I’ll focus on the negatives here; talking them out will help me think and work out how to improve and get much better at them.

I’ve been feeling that myself watching it back, I did it in one long take and missed some of the things I had in my head that I wanted to say so it’s missing some much needed meat, I think from now on I’ll rehearse a little beforehand.

I can’t agree enough. This was recorded the night after the GITS one and although I’d fixed the ISO problem and could warm up the footage, I still had no room from proper 3-point lighting.

I’ll be completely honest here, when I lost the location I was originally intending to use I considered knocking the whole thing on the head. I had an exact idea of what I wanted in terms of set up (changing background posters and props, different ‘areas’ to film, and the size I needed for the shots I wanted to do) and it really got to me. I basically ended up saying to myself, “Let’s get it done, not perfect.” When building an audience there’s no time to waste. I’m looking for a new location I can afford and there will be different locations/set-ups for the episodes until the end of the first ten, but you are 100% spot on here.

I’m having real problems with this. I have footage and audio where I speak quicker and punchier but my accent really thinkens up in them and I’m quite sure I’d be unintelligible to most people. I think there is no quick fix to this, it’s simply a case of slowly speeding up and staying clear over time and experience. I’m also finding the voice overs difficult, the more detached I am from speaking to people in person, the more I sound flat and robotic. It’s something I know will get better, I think it will just be a case of how quick that happens.

I have four types of main ‘show’ - Cheat Sheet, viral type click bait, action and in-depth, and then I’ll do a lot of shorter things off the cuff more or stuff that isn’t serious (Drunkanory and Superhero Dojo junior with my nephew and stuff like that). Each one of the main ones has a specific tone and set up - Cheat Sheet you’ve seen, Viral stuff will be fast paced and on location, ‘action’ will be different settings where I ‘do’ things, whether it be reaction to watching films/TV as I watch or play games or cover something like a comic con, then in-depth which is much more a sort of ‘fireside chat’ at a desk where I talk about how I think things could be fixed in different areas of something, tackling a current issue or why something amazing is so good.

This Cheat Sheet could have easily been 12 minutes, I pared it down as much as I could and probably could have shaved off more, I definitely get what you are saying here, but time was against me and I was very wary of losing too much. You’re right about length, I’m happy for them (Cheat Sheets) to be around 6-8 mins to offset the 2-3 minute viral type stuff but I need to always try to keep them as sharp and as close to the 6 minute mark as possible. The length of the other types I’ll play by ear and aim not to have them outstay their welcome.

I had a bit more about Ricky but decided to cut it and stick to the one anecdote, I was very worried about playing on that aspect and being disingenuous to him (I haven’t saw him in 20 years and I think much of what I could say come across as gossipy) and to myself in terms of dwelling on it. I kept it concise in terms of the book, too, as I intend to to a piece comparing them at the end of the first series.

Music was a ballix in this one as I had to strike the right tone for the content so I’m glad to hear it worked. I initially wanted to try and tie the music to the subject as much as possible for hardcore fans but the right tone is probably more important than fan service, I’m hoping I can strike a good balance at times, but you’ve sold me here on tone coming first.

Ha ha, looks like you owe me a dig then, the main videos will always start like that for uniform sign on/sign off - having said that, I do intend to play with it in the future - I want to take the piss out of it and I can kind of see me using it in a sort of, “Welcome to Jackass,” sort of way where, based on the tone, the opening is as ridiculous as I can make it. I actually picked ‘Behold’ for its overblown ridiculous-ness - It came from that moment in Guardians where Drax says it, it’s one of my favorite moments in film ever, easily so it’s a homage to that. Talking of Guardians…

I tried to do one on Thursday and it just didn’t work like I planned, I was really disappointed. I’m trying to come up with something that will work and still be original. The big problem here is that the whole Superhero Dojo thing’s central ethic is to be entertaining in informing or discussing how things can be fixed - For stuff like Guardians (and, say, Legion, which I’m doing a special one to discuss), those things are so good that for me, 5 great things about vol. 2, or something along those lines, seems really trite. I feel like I need to do something extra special every time I discuss things I think are more or less perfect, which I think is something to do with -

I’m working on this but it doesn’t come easy. You know how our mindset is, it’s set on ‘pfft, so fuck…’ so it’s like swimming into the current. I do have some good ideas that will show me alot more excited tho, so hopefully those will help me be more naturally like that on camera.

Oh, also, yes, my white man lip bite is definitely one of my signature moves!! That 50p Breakdance class membership when I was a kid was worth every penny!

Again, I really appreciate discussing this, it helps me clear my thoughts, put aside the insecurities of actually doing the thing and step outside of it to focus on it with other people’s views as a stand point.


You’re a ridiculous person, Parker McCombe :slight_smile:


Thank you,Tim!! Finally someone has bloody noticed! Expect a balloon animal in the post, as thanks.


Good responses, glad we’re on the same page. I had one thought - you’re playing to an international audience here, mainly Americans but you’ll get all over the world. So who you are and where you come from makes you different and interesting. There’s not many Norn Iron voices on the internet. And we Norn Iron folks have the gift of being able to insult and be funny at the same time, and seeing through something for what it really is. It’s really really hard to fool anyone from home. That’s pretty useful for think kind of show.

So don’t avoid that and don’t be embarrassed by that. Don’t think you’re just talking to Norther Irish, and don’t feel that kind of innate embarrassment that comes from trying to do anything. Embrace it. Love your accent, love using words most people won’t understand. Be cutting, be ruthless. I think you do better if you opened with something innately Norn Irish like 'Bout Ye Big Man or something like that. I really like what a guy like Colin Geddis is doing for example.

And don’t let the location thing slow you down. Lots of internet celebs just film in their bedrooms. Just theme the room to fit the Superhero Dojo concept.


Well, of course you’re a ridiculous person. I don’t know why anyone would expect anything less: you are from my island after all. :slight_smile: I don’t ask for much - just certain standards to be maintained.


I agree here and I do want to play on it but I’m wary of the balance I strike and wanting it to be a solid identity for me and not gimmicky.

I’ll work on trying to merge the Norn Iron in me into it, I do love my Northern Irish-ness and hate to see anyone from here lose it completely doing this type of stuff, but I’m also very wary that Geddis and others find it hard to get views outside of our wee country because it’s squarely (and quarely) aimed at our fellow countrymen and ladies, so my thoughts have been to bring in that stuff over time. One thing I plan is to do a thing called Fortress of Trolitude, where I take on trolls who give me gyp on youtube and twitter - I think that’s the first place you’ll see all that sort of banter manifest properly (apart from Drunkanory as I’ll be hammered) but I do definitely want to play on bringing that in.

This is good advice, I know, but I think I mentioned before being in a DJing documentary and being the only person subtitled despite it having people from all over Europe - so I’m incredibly paranoid from that. I really hope the content on its own will be enough for me until I get over this and strike a better balance, but I do agree it’s something that I should push more.

I’m currently residing in my parents house (as my ma’s not well) so it’s so difficult as nearly all my belongings are currently in boxes but I’ll theme stuff as best I can and hopefully the upgrade to a better location will come across as the channel becoming more successful and leveling up!


Of course! In return I ask that you spread the faith in my ridiculousness far and wide!! :grinning:


I believe that the correct response should be “Your face is a ridiculous person, Tim.”


Don’t be. Believe it or not most women find it sexy. I know, hard to believe. Even a gobshit accent like your Antrim wailings will get American girls knees buckling. Being subtitled is actually fantastic - you’re immediately more interesting than 99% of everyone else. Have you see Scottish People Twitter? People love it. They loved Begbie, and Capaldi. There’s something exciting about someone speaking English that’s not English. Like Pitt in Snatch.

Geddis is limited as part of the joke is the mannerisms. What you really want is something that makes you stand apart from every other guy talking about superheroes on YouTube, and you’re not a pretty girl with big boobs so you need something else.