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So, my youtube channel, Superhero Dojo is finally (fiiiinally) nearly ready to go and I’ll be putting up the videos here as I upload each one over the next however long I do it, because Millarworlders.

In the meantime though I thought I would put up the Youtube Channel artwork and it would be a fun game to guess where the comic book panels I’ve used in it have come from. Though I imagine this won’t exactly be guesswork for most here, to be fair… Know-work, is that a thing? It should be.


That’s a great selection of panels. Looking forward to this. And yes, I’d imagine most folks here can get the vast majority of them. The only one I’m unsure of is “Run, It’s won’t help.”


Akira, isn’t it?

(The colour threw me a bit.)


The “Run, it won’t help” looks like something from Akira.


Ha, the colour bothered me too :slight_smile:


Good luck with this anyway, Parker. I’ll be interested to check it out.


It is. I used a reprint colour panel because I wanted an all colour pic. I’m changing the panels up every few months though and will do a B&W one with a cooler Akira one in there.

I’ve been working hard on getting it the way I want it (which is professional and not me in a bedroom on a webcam) and having enough content to do me for a good while to come, thank you all for the support, I really appreciate it!


In a bedroom with a webcam does seem to be the professional model of youtubers, from what I can see!

How long til it starts, then? We’re all ready to go, man!


I’ve most of the first two edited but need to reshoot a few things with better lighting, it’s very much a learning process, and I’d like to have at least two getting edited while those two go out… I’m tentatively hoping sometime this week if all goes to plan but I’m subject to bad luck on occasion so for now I’ll just say within the next three or four weeks at most, so I don’t somehow scud myself, but should be much sooner than that.


Well, here’s one of your future loyal subscribers.

If I had been the least bit sceptic, which I wasn’t, the image of Herr Starr would’ve sold it. I love Starr. Great choice!


Thank you! I’ve around 30 videos planned out so far so your subscription should be worth while.

At the beginning, I’ll be focusing on Movies and TV and sort of timing stuff for searches (when specific franchises have a release etc.) a bit more than comics, I need to be a bit cut throat to get the subscriber count up, but when I get a decent following I’m going to push more and more at the in-depth comic book stuff that I think everyone here will find enjoyable like I do. And hopefully I can get to the point we’re I can make it entertaining enough that even if you aren’t into comics it will still be entertaining to watch. I think I’m getting better at that, in my planning at least.


As I’m sure has come apparent, that bad luck I was talking about hit about two days after I wrote this. First I lost the use of the place I was filming (leaving footage unusable as I didn’t want to ‘downgrade’ location in future videos), then more family illness left me with alot less time on my hands for a few weeks.

So, here is a test video of the sort of thing I’ll be doing… I would love to hear all thoughts, good and bad, as it’ll help me get better at this. Below in the blurred paragraphs I’ve put down everything I feel is wrong and needs work so check it after you watch in case you waste loads of your time only to have me go, “Oh, I know,” but anything else I’d love to hear, this is a safe space, don’t be afraid of offending me :smiley:

Bear in mind that I realize this sort of stuff isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so I don’t mind anyone not liking it on that basis, but even then, I’d love to hear any thoughts that can make it more universally entertaining or anything that worked regardless :grinning:

Nearly all the problems here can be connected me losing the use of the original location I had, I hope to have a new one asap.

[spoiler]Here be issues

Where I am in the frame - I’m now using a space about 10x5 and that makes framing with the right sort of focus behind me incredibly difficult. The room is also cluttered with two sofas, bookcases, two desks, a set of drawers, a cupboard and the central heating system. The camera is invariably against something in every shot I’m filming. This adds to the problem of…

Out of focus picture - While I’ve been editing for years, I’m learning all the other stuff as I go, over the past few months, and I’ll be the first to admit that I still have issues gaining the sharpest focus I can at times. This is exacerbated greatly by the camera monitor almost against a wall or whatever… I’m now using an external monitor so this issue will be improved upon greatly.

Lighting - Because of the space I couldn’t do proper three point lighting and the room has barely any natural light coming into it. This meant I was paranoid about how much lighting I was getting and overexposed what I shot, meaning I could do pretty much nothing in post-processing. The footage literally and figuratively doesn’t show me in the best light.

Voiceover sound I recorded this straight into the laptop while in bed sick, so it sounds pretty awful, you can hear how unwell I am. I would have re-recorded it but I’ve gotten sick again and sounded the same for the past week, so would have been a pretty pointless waste of time.

My accent -.I have a very thick accent and I’m trying to reel it in and sound as understandable as possible. I was in a DJing English speaking documentary once for Red Bull along with DJs from all over Europe - Swiss, French, Italian, Bulgarian… I was the only one subtitled.

Transitions - Some scene transitions aren’t great (to the standard I hold myself to) but it’s a case of get it done not get it perfect, so the time it would take to edit and fix them I’ll just use to focus on future videos.

Another wee thing I guess is that my cousin, the first person to watch it, said, "You’re not being the most ‘Parker’ you can be, you can tell you’re not completely able to be how you normally are in real life."
He’s pretty spot on, despite feeling like an introvert in my head (a robot is the usual complaint from girlfriends) when I was a kid I worked out pretty quickly that I hated people worrying or feeling sorry for me, and that the sure fire way of nullifying that was to act as outgoing as possible, hence I finding talking on stage or to large groups quite natural, but in those situations you have expressions and real time reaction to work off. This - Looking into a giant,soulless,crow’s eye and finding a rapport - is bloody difficult, but I’m getting better at it. :grinning:[/spoiler]

Anyway, hope yous enjoy it and thank you for the time :slight_smile:

Oh oh also, if you are going to share these, which I would LOVE and be very, very grateful, please wait until I have a few videos up, as there’s more chance of gaining subscribers if I’ve more than one video so give me three or four before you do, if you do :smile: :blush:


Oh, also, another thing… I know it’s Thermoptic, not thermopic, blame me being sick and not thinking straight on that, it was the same in every take.


I put this up last night so bumping it for the day folk. It’s PG on the NSFW scale.


I really enjoyed that. The skits were good, lots of though pumped into it (unlike everything else on Youtube where they’re winging it). Interesting subject, well told. You probably need to do some more mainstream stuff, and focus on everything that’s being adapted right now. And better lighting - you looked like an animated corpse. But it’s smart and funny.

And I love hearing a Northern Irish accent ripping the shite out of Hollywood movies.


I know, it’s awful. I have proper lighting but no room to set it up right now. Overexposing with the iso didn’t help.

I’m working on an American Gods one right now and I’ll do some topical stuff too soon, when I have some in the bag. Or can or whatever.

I’m really pleased it’s coming across how I planned, so thank you,
I don’t want to do something half arsed and I want it to be entertaining. My sort of pitch to myself when I started putting them together was Top Gear for comic nerds only without the racism and punching.

I’m planning a very special one for when Legion returns that will hopefully be pretty awesome but I still have a lot to get good at before then.

In that case you’re going to love when I take on BVS and the Amazing Spider-Mans. I’m going to keep it pretty family friendly (anything in that one was literally as far as I’ll go) but I’ll not be holding back in ripping the shite.


Don’t be afraid to go off on a tangent. One of the best bits was covering the whitewashing and then pointing out that it was a bit ridiculous. Stimulating conversation and ideas beyond just the property itself is when this kind of content becomes more interesting.

You’ll want to knock out quite a few of these quite quickly. Constant content is what makes a Youtube channel work. It’s a big work commitment but there’s something here that could definitely hit some good numbers.

And I’ll be able to say I was the first subscriber.


I agree completely. I can be pretty pretentious and probably patronizing, so I don’t want anyone to feel talked down to or be bored so it’s always in my head to keep it on an even keel and not go too far that direction no matter what the subject or idea.

Definitely, I aim to get ten up as quick as possible for a solid base and then I have ideas like Drunkanory that can be filmed well in advance and give me breathing space between batches. I’ve planned a good bit in the future (32 of them so far) so I can film a few at a time.

I’m very glad to hear you say that about there being something in it, I really tried to do something that would work for our age range as well as younger youtube users and I’ve tried to add alot of things that will make repeat viewing worthwhile too. I’ll be completely honest, it’s not something that’s easy, putting yourself out there like this - ten years ago maybe, but you do get self conscious with age. No one I know, bar my cousin, has seen it and I won’t be sharing until I feel comfortable in the whole thing, I genuinely think I can hit strong numbers or I wouldn’t be putting in so much effort so actually hearing someone say that to me is a big deal, thank you.

It’s not perfect, but I think it’s a good start.

I know, I was really happy with that. I really needed the support boost if I’m honest and I know you’d tell me it was shite if it was shite, so if I get the big numbers I’ll give you one of them silver subscriber awards they give to channels and you can tell people you earned it by seeing the potential and giving the guy behind it some much needed faith in himself!!


I thought his accent was kind of mild compared to yours. :wink:


That was great 1 million out of ten.

But points lost for lack of adorable puppies.

Points gained for general goodness though; so that’s important