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Superhero design discussion thread


And more early ChrisCross designs for Firestorm:


love these variations.



That’s the best spider-costume right after the ASM2 one. They really need to make the balck lines a bit thicker though… they’re not translating very well on screen.

I still don’t like the lines on the blue part though, they’re completely unnecessary… but overall, it’s a good design. I could even see it being the new CB look.

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That’s pretty awesome. I think Spidey is the all time greatest superhero costume and this is a great version.



No… just no.


Apollo and the Midnighter were perfect the way they were. I don’t think this is an improvement.

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Also, if they were gonna race-swap anyone it should’ve been Midnighter… u_u

But those “redesigns” are shit*. I do like the mask, though, but not for this character… would’ve looked pretty cool on a new Black Knight design.

*Not surprising considering the poor ass job they’ve done so far in the series. They really picked the wrong artist. Shame =(


Apollo is fine, his design was never that interesting to begin with. Putting a knight’s helmet on Midnighter is way too on the nose though. The


I kind of like that Apollo is built like a brick shithouse as compared to Midnighter in the first one. These are much better than the New 52 designs. I do like the originals better but those designs could be variable dependent on who was on art.


How do you know he’s not?

Or to put it another way: how come you don’t know he is? :slight_smile:

Here they are out-of-costume:


Oh true, didn’t pay attention to the darker skin color beneath the clothes.

Still, they should’ve left apollo as super white and super blonde (even whitish hair). Kinda goes with the whole sun god thing… but whatever…


The fuck is going on with Wildstorm???

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His hair turns white when he activated his solar energy.


Ellis is writing a really enjoyable series is what’s going on. :slight_smile:

Although at this point it’s probably best to wait until it’s all done before reading it, as there’s only a couple of issues to go.


What’s so shocking?

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huh… that just looks like a lightning effect… hair still looks black under that glare/shine whatever it’s called. Is it stated in the actual CB?


Those shite costumes for one.

And why are they black now?