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Superhero design discussion thread


God please no… Can’t he be just be whatever age he is supposed to be? =P

Fuck all that “old-man/woman xxxxx” bullshit.

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Last year, obscure Marvel villainesses the Femme Fatales got a redesign courtesy of artist Thony Silas. Jim Zub posted it on his Twitter:

Viper and another obscure Marvel villainess Sapphire Styx were added.

Needless to say, Erik was not pleased:

And here is Erik’s original designs for the Femme Fatales:


Well I mean… the new ones are indeed rather generic, BUT Larsen’s originals, even though they have more personality for sure, they’re basically rip-offs of other characters, sooo…

I do like the new knockout and mindblast (though make knockout a bit more buff).


X-Men redesigns by Lukas Werneck


Some of these are really nice, though overall they look all the same and I don’t like that…

But I like Jean, Cyclops, Logan, Kurt*, Rogue*, Emma, Colossus* (though it should be red I guess), Magick*, Psylocke* and all the villains.

Those with a *, I don’t like they all have the same chest design.

But overall these are the best batch of redesigns I’ve seen in a while…


I like quite a few of those. Especially giving each character their own color.


Yeah although with the sameness of the costumes they look more like power rangers :smile:

Some of those could be really improved with a few tweaks though…


That Storm one is great.


Jim Kreuger apologized for this today. I think Scott Williams did the art?


Why apologize? That looks fantastic. :wink:

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I want Combo Man to go up against the Composite Superman, refereed by Rainbow Batman!


He would have his own series at Marvel if he was created now.


And now a rather interesting re-design of Power Girl by Ilias Kyriazis:

Here, I “fixed” Power Girl’s costume for you! :stuck_out_tongue:
The boob window makes perfect sense if you look at it as bolero-type-of-thing worn over a leotard. AND it gives you that Superman-shaped hole you want :slight_smile: #powergirl #superheroes #justiceleague #dc #redesign #fanart #costume #boobwindow #boleros #superheroine #dcuniverse #layers #fashion


Nope, doesn’t improve it.

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What Harley Quinn could have looked like:

This sketch was done by Paul Dini, btw.


Chris Cross has been sharing his design process for his take on Firestorm (back in the early 00s, I think) on his instagram. Or rather, all his rejected Firestorm designs.


Some more early Chris Cross designs for Firestorm:


I really liked his Firestorm design. It captured what was cool about the original while modernizing it.

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