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Superhero design discussion thread


And Martian Manhunter’s new design:


Well, if by “manhunter” they mean “gay male stripper”, then yes, perfect design… otherwise, what they hell are they smoking??? =/


Muscular male superheroes in tight-fitting costumes with underpants on show? Now I’ve seen everything.


What specifically says “gay stripper” to you rather than just “stripper”?


manhunter… got the connection? or do you need a diagram? :roll_eyes:




Yeah, sure. I’m never one to say no to a good diagram.


To be fair, most of J’onn’s past outfits could be considered fetishy too.


Yeah I don’t know if “fetishy” but his OG costume definetly comes from the same design sense as the Masters of the Universe designs… It’s not great, tbh…

I quite like one of the modern versions, I think it was for an animated movie…

This one:

Thats pretty good. Retains the classic idea but is less MOTU-kind of ridiculous. They should’ve kept this.


Haven’t posted Kris Anka designs in a while:


Some of the best superhero designs I’ve seen online are fan designs:


This one’s for @rocket - from Adi Granov - “A She-Hulk I designed for Sideshow Collectibles”.