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Superhero design discussion thread


Marvel are desperately waiting for Disney to come along and reimagine the FF with a look that works in cinema that will quickly become the default in the comics.


I don’t know about that… the comics have been surprisingly bad at following the movies’ cues… specially recently.


Now I can’t unsee it as a 1.


Those are amazing. I love the colours.


So it’s the Fantastic Four with a dodgy logo and weird colours?


Cap, Falcon, Star Lord, Rocket, Groot & Gamora all have had their looks change as a consequence of the movies.


Star Lord, RR & Gamora, yeah, but Cap was old (then a Nazi) & Sam was Cap for a good chunk of the MCU… and like right now Thanos is dead, and apparently there’s gonna be a new one… plus Jane-Thor, Choi-Hulk and Stark was dead, Doom-Iron Man, then Riri-Iron Man, etc…

So, yes, they’ve picked a couple of things here and there, but overall they haven’t even capitalized on the movies’ success all that much. You’d think this was THE year to publish a lot of Thanos… but no… they barely published some stuff, then proceeded to kill him… u_u


Well you’re talking different things. They’ve absolutely used the movies to change how the brands look.

They don’t make stories about the movie characters though because they’re using the comics as a testing ground for new ideas - recasting the big mains with new characters and seeing how fans respond, pushing lesser properties into the spotlight in the hopes of making it a commercial success. And to be honest I doubt they want comics writers messing up their carefully crafted cinematic characters. I imagine Disney corporate’s biggest order to the publishing arm was to stay away from the movie characters.

It’s funny because DC don’t face this issue at all. It never even comes up. Marvel seems to find ways to muck up their business and self sabotage. It’s quite something.


Yeah, I can actually see that being the case… and I wouldn’t blame them… :smile:

I see what you mean, but still I’ve been puzzled ever since IM1 came out that Marvel never really did anything at all to capitalize on the MCU’s success… I thought that’s what they were gonna do after secret wars, but nah, they went back to business-as-usual…



the main takeaway from the article for me is “There are too many books fighting for attention and rarely a clear, engaging direction for the X-Men line as a whole”


Their costumes? Nonsense.

Clearly the problem is their hairstyles.


Yeah the costumes aren’t to blame, but some of them certainly don’t help.

I don’t even know what happened to the Blue/Gold relaunches, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume it was just the same boring shit it’s been for the last 10 years… so they probably wasted an opportunity right there, to create only 2 main books with a solid cast.

I think the X-Men need new cool villains, and they need to go back to more action and less talk-y talk… one of the unfortunate by-products of Bendis’ influence on CBs… =/


probably more for the conversation over at the CB marvel thread but I agree.

I can’t think of anything from Gold or Blue titles that have any lasting consequences for the overall narrative of the X-Men.

Not to say that there weren’t a few good tales but they just don’t matter.


I haven’t got much interest in the X-Men but I thought this was an interesting criticism. Would you rather have some good stories even if they don’t have much lasting impact, or do they have to ‘matter’ long-term to be worth your time?

I’ve always felt like X-Men was one of the most soap-opera-y superhero comics, so maybe having something that has a big ongoing impact is an important part of the equation from that point of view.


More redesigns by Luciano Vecchio:


I like the Northstar costume but the mustache is just weird looking.


Who’s this guy to be redesigning all these classic characters? Most of them are terrible.


Is Sinestro a white lantern now?? u_u


Edit: I do like his Northstar logo, at least…


Couldn’t disagree more. Both Wiccan and Hulkling’s costumes reference their legacies in interesting ways while also looking iconic. And they manage to do so without looking like the same person necessarily designed them. They’re both also complex enough to be engaging without being overly-difficult to draw.