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Superhero design discussion thread


Well, he IS dressed in green from neck to toe… u_u

But again, NAs are not quite the same as irish peeps as we all know… they DO wear a lot of NA stuff.

At any rate, I’m not saying put some feathers and dream chasers on him… there’s other stuff that can be done.


Well, it’s not a four-leaf clover:


Shamrock being from Dunshaughlin explains a lot.


Are you trying to tell me that Irish people don’t wear green suits with four leaf clover lapels??? @Jim always wears that when I’m around.


That’s just for you!

He wants you to “feel special”.


Figure this could go here, as it’s all about cosplay, which is costume design, nyet?
Besides, it features Yaya Han.


I wasn’t aware it was a job… I thought it was a hobby… =/


It still is for 99.9%. The ones that do tend to have that following are very good looking so I think it doubles up as modelling too.

You can monetise most things nowadays, there are people who just travel around and get funded by Youtube videos and Instagram sponsors. It’s not easy as everyone would do it but it’s possible.


And then there’s this guy:



Don’t know who Grace from Soulfire might be, but Barry Kitson did a rather excellent commission.

Costume design art nouveau!



Iceman redesign by Luciano Vecchio:


That’s a really great design.


The beard looks a little silly in ice form but otherwise that’s great.


And more unused Alex Ross designs, this time for the Fantastic Four:


Is there any way to un-Facebook that?



Thank you!
And that looks great. I’d buy that book for sure.


The Fantastic Four always look a bit silly with the big 4 on their chest. I love the way that design makes that element look a bit more abstract.


Kinda looks like a 1 though… but other than that, the whole thing looks awesome… A retro F4 is indeed the pitch perfect project for Alex Ross… too bad it didn’t happen =(