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Superhero design discussion thread


I don’t like the idea of Robin having anything on his costume remotely resembling wings. It perpetuates the idea that his name comes from the bird, rather than from Robin Hood.


There’s some designed that need to be sent to an alternate Earth - one about to explode!



Having been there at the time, poor Simon was doomed from his first panel. Nothing worked. Not even becoming Vision. They retconned Jarvis - an AI! - right into Simon Williams’ job. One of the saddest Sad Sack type characters ever.
“If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.”






meh… rather uninspired… =/

Also, I’m amazed at how lazy Warpath’s modern costumes have been, considering he’s a native american and there’s plenty of visual elements to take from that…


Maybe they figure using Native American elements (like feathers) would be too cliche.


And using wolverine-like “claw” elements isn’t? =/

There’s many other things besides feathers they could use… at least in terms of patterns and whatnot…


The claw elements have always been a part of his costume design right back to when he was first introduced.


first of all, no they weren’t… his first costumes were more like Thunderbird’s (I think the claw-like thing is fairly recent, from the 2000’s)… but even so, still lame.


Yeah I was thinking of this costume:

But it still doesn’t have them so clearly I was misremembering.


WTF, Rory?!? :wink:




It started with the Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire storyline in 2006. So it’s been around for over a decade. I actually really dig it. Loved the Vibranium knives they added to his kit as well.


Indeed… comes from one of those times Wolverine was missing (IIRC), so they gave each X-book a Wolverine-like character… hence the knives, claw-like design and “bad-ass” attitude.

I don’t necessarily hate it, but it’s kind of a shame they haven’t been a bit more original with his costumes ever since, considering there aren’t all that many native-american SHs out there…


It might be on purpose as sometimes those elements being used take on a different connotation. They were probably trying to focus on other parts of Warpath’s character rather than him just being Native American Man.

It’d be like insisting that Banshee wear a little green suit with four leaf clovers. :wink::four_leaf_clover:


Yeah it’s not like people didn’t complain about Red Wolfs from traditional look when he was introduced.