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Superhero design discussion thread


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That is somewhat the point of superheroes. They are only useful in the context of the story. If there weren’t ridiculous super villains using their powers to rob banks or steal secret super weapons, then superheroes wouldn’t really work. James Bond really would not be the best approach any intelligence agency could resort to in a realistic context. It’s just that the world of a James Bond or Indiana Jones is crafted around them.

So if you had a protagonist with any unique gift, no matter how absurd, that would present you with the elements you need to design the world around them.

And it doesn’t always have to be a comedy either. One of the most touching short stories I read was about an orphan boy who had the inexplicable power to find lost objects. When a neighbor child was kidnapped, he managed to find the boy not directly, but by finding the shirt that the boy was wearing. However,really, the story was about the idea of being misplaced and how that sensation affects people.

It’s something like the “dream bigger” approach. Instead of trying to figure out how to give people something like what they already like, give the, something they’ve never even thought about before. Something only you would think of. And then craft the story around that.


Not true. There will always be this:

And this:

Fighting supervillains is just something that gets in the way of being a real hero.


If Superman was such a hero he would have caught her phone too.


Superman understands that phones are evil :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also, you don’t know that he didn’t save it between panels 1 and 2.)


Yeah, Dave is just reading Superman comics incorrectly.


I can’t blame him, he’s just too used to writers who write them incorrectly.


It’s true, Golden Age Superman would have ignored Regan and smashed a wrecking ball into the skyscraper to punish the apartments’ landlord for ripping off his tenants.


Hey, if you were going to be late to a job interview because the Cone Violator had sectioned off the city’s available parking with pointy orange booby traps, you’d think Infinite Valet and the Meter Minion were heroes, too.



I really like that negative Superman design.


That’s the one that Morrison is co-writing, isn’t it? I might check that out.


For anyone who doesn’t feel like clicking:



Spiderman, Hal Gordon, and Shazam are decent. The rest are pretty terrible.


Really liked most of the designs; really angry that ScreenRant chose to not name the creators, just link them with “the artist” or “this artist” in the article proper. Is this such a difficult concept? Name the artist?



If you don’t feel like clicking:

  1. No.

  2. Wolverine’s supposed to be short, not a midget…

  3. Yeah, no… I mean, the costume is fine, the domino mask is crap tho… no the best.


That’s surely not finished art from a published Marvel comic?