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Superhero design discussion thread


That’s not too bad.


Interesting that there’s no X anywhere on the costume and there some kind of logo on the shower and the 3 dots motif. So does that mean Wolverine is working for someone else now?


The three dots look like claw punctures to me.


Sure the original is really bad… all the more reason to get creative… but those 3 designs are really weak and boring… like, he could’ve done literally ANYTHING and he went with that? That’s a serious lack of creativity… =/


Also, damn, that Wolverine is WEAAAAAK… what the hell is going on these days? This “casual” trend needs to die. I haven’t seen a good costume on a SH in for-fuckin-ever… u_u


Oh that’s interesting. Good point. I didn’t make that connection at all. Though it does seem to be part of the logo on his shoulder too.



Also, what do we think of the Ironheart armor?


Wolverine looks fricking awful.


Maybe we should make a “Design a new costume for Wolverine” challenge on #creative-central.


Honestly, just like Rescue before her, I find the whole idea derivative, bland, boring and ultimately stupid. That said the armor itself isn’t bad per-se but I dunno… honestly I keep seeing “Wasp” in that design. Also, her logo is just plain bad. Oh and the shoulder pads are awkward.



Hmm? Somebody saying something?

None of this works well.


Yeah, I kept thinking the Wasp too, especially Pym’s costume when he was the Wasp.


from reading Champions, I believe Nadia Pym may have helped Riri design the new Ironheart Armor.



Eh comparing it to even shittier designs isn’t really helpful.

You know what? screw it, I’ll take you on your challenge, but not right now since I still need to finish some actual work… but i’ll take a stab at it in the next few days.




As a tangential discussion on superhero design, what do you think would make for some interesting unusual superpowers heroes could have? How could you distinguish a hero from the usual supers we always get?

The Apologizer - a person whose power is that whenever they make an apology, the offended party is compelled to accept it and totally forgive the offenders.

Mr No It All - the power of limited omniscience. If anyone in his vicinity knows anything, then NoItAll also knows it. The only caveat being that if they actually have false information then NoItAll can’t tell it’s not true. “It’s not what you don’t know that kills you. It’s what you think you know for sure that just isn’t so.”

Infinite Valet - he has the power to always know where the closest avalable parking spaces are AND if there is still time left on the meter. His sidekick is the meter minion. His nemesis is the Cone Violator who shares his power but uses cones to prevent IV from parking in the spaces.


Interesting. Not exactly useful as far as superheroics, but interesting.