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Superhero design discussion thread



“Raged against” is completely misleading in that headline. In my experience, everybody that has actually read the Rainbow Batman issue loves it. I mean, Edmond Hamilton wrote it! That almost guarantees it’s good.

And suggesting that anybody raged against Adam West’s costume is just silly.


West’s utility belt was a bit too high and the Bat-symbol a bit too low; but I never heard anyone rage, just sigh sadly.


The new Red Hood design:


Sooo generic ninja but with a domino mask?? Looks out of Mortal Kombat… hey look it’s red Scorpion… :smile:

I dunno… I kinda like it, but it’s also kind of lazy. Ugh, they should’ve left Jason dead… u_u




Damn… there IS a red scorpion… xD

I had forgotten about it, but I thought Ermac was a robot… but then again subzero was a robot too at some point so who the fuck knows… :smile:


No, but there was a red robot, Sektor. (To demonstrate the deep thought and creative vision that went into MK characters, he and the yellow one, Cyrax, had the working names Ketchup and Mustard).


lol… ok… yeah I was never a big fan of MK =P


They got like the Rainbow Batmen eventually.



I joke freely about how hacky they were with coming up with characters in the 90s (by Ultimate MK 3 they were at the point of doing a purple palette swap of Scorpion and calling him Rain, for the pun) but the series really turned around after Tobias left and they actually started building a decent lore and story into them with Deadly Alliance, Deception, (not Armageddon) and 9, helped by giving the character more distinctive designs along the way.


And now I’ve finallly got that joke.


Yeah, MK was famous for abusing the “palette swap” characters in fighting games… I’m a big fan of FGs but MK never got my attention in part because of that… sooo lazy :smile:

Also, the stupid damned block button… who thought of that?? but that’s another subject =P


I know, right? It should always be back to block.


Yes! Fortunately they did that with the Injustice games…


The designs Smallwood came up with:

There was a poll as to which design fans would want to see in a Midnight Sons comic, and C won.


I should hope so. A and B are really quite derivative. C aslo cuts the old-school costume thing and moves more towards modern would-it-work sensibility. Just looking awesome is no longer enough. Besides, a whole lot less setting off of metal detectors!


Wow, so a ridiculous metal swimsuit, a bland armour and plain clothes… great choices :smile:


Wolverine’s new costume:

At least it’s not blue and yellow.


Considering her original look: