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Superhero design discussion thread


Paul Ryan (RIP) tweaked it:


I wasn’t a big fan of Ryan, but that’s an improvement on the “extreme” design.


“How does MYRMIDON grab you?”

Myrmidon, n. a follower or subordinate of a powerful person

"Uh, yeah, that makes you sound badass, Hank, go with that :confused: "


Well, it was Scott Lang, so it kind of fits.



Yeah the name is actually kind of cool… the design is horrid though. But that drawing raises an interesting question… could ant-man use pym particles to just 'roid-out instead of growing? :smile:


If Ant-Man can use Pym particles on specific areas of his body then I think there are more interesting tales to be told than that.


Not on Disney’s watch… =P


Guess that means Wonder Woman is going back to trunks, next.


Now, this is making America great again!


What’s with the back-pedaling on the “trunks”?? u_u

But glad they went back to that design, since the new ones have been pretty lame…


For context:

Oh, and here is an initial design for the Wraith that Erik eventually dropped because “he was too Kirbyesque for the part”. Who knows though — maybe we’ll see a character like that down the line in some other context. He looks way to cool to disappear in some drawer.



Reminds me of what they did for the New 52 Lobo.


Batman gets his trunks back, Namor gets his replaced. Heaven sendeth and heaven taketh away.


eh not really, the costume itself is not that far of a departure from his usual look… it’s just the face looks oddly “young” and a lot more “metro-sexual”… but the design itself is IMO nothing particularly new for this character (other than the jewelry of course).


It’s not like he hasn’t worn jewelry before either.


I like the outfit he is wearing in Xmen red. Below is a tweet on the making of the costume. The Green one on the right is the one he is wearing.



And if you don’t feel like clicking: