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Superhero design discussion thread


Paul Ryan (RIP) tweaked it:


I wasn’t a big fan of Ryan, but that’s an improvement on the “extreme” design.


“How does MYRMIDON grab you?”

Myrmidon, n. a follower or subordinate of a powerful person

"Uh, yeah, that makes you sound badass, Hank, go with that :confused: "


Well, it was Scott Lang, so it kind of fits.



Yeah the name is actually kind of cool… the design is horrid though. But that drawing raises an interesting question… could ant-man use pym particles to just 'roid-out instead of growing? :smile:


If Ant-Man can use Pym particles on specific areas of his body then I think there are more interesting tales to be told than that.


Not on Disney’s watch… =P