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Superhero design discussion thread


I still prefer the Cameron Stewart design. It’s up there with Cooke’s Catwoman for all-time best designs.


This isn’t replacing the Burnside one, it’s just a new version of her original costume for flashback stories (I think).

I quite like it. Working the bat symbol into pretty much everything is fun.


Having the chest straps connect to a backpack is pretty cool. I just wonder how she’s supposed to access it? Especially with a cape on.


It’s mainly the mask that’s bothering me. Cowl=Batgirl, No Cowl=Batwoman.



They lost me when they suggested this…

…Was anything other than the iconic Aquaman look.



I legit love two of them (Dr. Strange and Spider-Woman).


Those Guardians designs are masterpieces compared to what McNiven did to them all.


Those are all shit.

Pardon my bluntness, but what were they thinking?

All amateurish, overthought, overwrought and downright ugly.


I’d be curious to hear what you find amteurish about them.


Legion of Superheroes drawing by Brett Booth, showing his own designs:


All the teams pose the same in covers: the leader stands tall, the acrobat guy is crouching, the flying character is in the air, the energy guy is in the back sparkling, the babe/sex symbol is posing with her good side, and the anti hero is looking away…

Just saying.


What are you saying?


The first seven words of my previous post…


Which seven words?


well you kind of answered your own non-question :smile:



My first posting was about Carter’s picture of the LoSH drawing and how they all look the same…

I forgot to click the thing.


yes, that’s what I was referencing… there’s a reason why they design covers and pin-ups in that fashion… so that people can quickyl and easy get who is who and what each of them does. It’s not super original, sure, but it’s rather effective.