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Superhero design discussion thread


Why did Bruce Wayne’s mum make Superman’s costume anyway?


It was a bit of a retcon at the time though because Byrne’s version just had Martha making it from cloth and Jonathan designed the S. Hence the need for the TK field to be indestructible.


I find it really hard to care where he got his suit and if or why it’s invincible. Did the Reeve films ever bother addressing it?


I tend to agree. I was just relating how the question has been handled over the years.

The Reeve films don’t even address how he got the suit. He goes into the Fortress to learn from Jor-El, presumably there’s this time elapsed brain dump and he flies out in the suit as Superman which I also thought was equally as dumb. :wink:


Works for me, I don’t want to have to sit there while this guy gets an exposition dump of stuff I either already know or don’t care about, on my time!


Oh, I don’t think it was needed at all. I always thought the info dump and abandoning is mother for that long enough to complete it (especially if she later is dependent on his Daily Planet salary) was a little odd.


Martha making a suit out of a blanket is more reasonable to me than a 20,000-year-old scout ship with a fully functioning super-suit fabricator.


I honestly don’t care about either. The real question is where did Christopher Reeve’s suit come from? :wink:


I suppose we could do an autopsy on that cape at Millar’s house.


The costume department.



A design I always liked:


Me too. It makes me miss Quesada pencils.


Two Black Canary looks side by side:


I’m fond of alternate designs from animation:

philbourassaThis is kinda fun… I designed this Wondergirl for a cameo appearance at the end of Judas Contract. The design on the right is the final. I kinda dig them both… Which design do you prefer? … Please no season three questions :grimacing: #wondergirl #teentitansjudascontract #teentitans #wondergirl #dccomics #dcentertainment #wbanimation #animation #art

philbourassaA riff on Dick Grayson in the classic Robin outfit for a flashback sequence in #teentitansjudascontract expertly voiced by the talented @sean_m_maher
No matter how many times I design Robin for animation I never get tired of iterating on the character. Such a fun legacy! #robin #dickgrayson #seanmaher #teentitans #dccomics #dcentertainment #wbanimation #characterdesign




Another Supergirl design by Cory Walker:

And here are some of his previous designs:



So it’s a full body PVC or leather suit that someone’s cut the armpits out of? :exploding_head: