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Superhero design discussion thread


Ace, obviously.


Kyle Baker’s redesign of Static:


And we’re back! Tom Derenick courtesy Brian Bendis.


I approve of that, but I am upset that they did not bother to write the CMYK mix for the yellow color. Yes, it’s obvious, but so is the red one!


meh… looks too retro… that underwear is not a good change…


Is that a redesign? It just looks like Superman…


they kept the new sleeve design from the nu52… other than that it’s old-school supes…

Btw, I would just do this instead of the red underoos… it’s more modern but sort of keeps the red trunks idea:



I think that’s the point. Although for me the most retro part is the Ed McGuinness-esque chunkiness. Don’t tend to see Superman like that these days.


Eh did some other modifications cause I’m bored… I like the one in the middle, color wise… but they all look okay… which one do you prefer?


Point being: No red trunks!!! :smile:


Oh speaking of Supes, I found this design… I love it… it looks a bit like what Jim Lee was going for with all his lines, except this has a cool alien looking texture and didn’t do the cardinal mistake that Lee did with the neck collar… (plus it looks a lot like the movie costume)… I’d be totally behind this design:


It’s a cool design. But there’s not way you’d be able to reproduce that kind of thing over multiple books a month. You’d just end up with random chunky lines all over the place like the New 52 costume.

The whole thing of adding seams and texture to superhero costumes, is something I think should be done away with. It look nice in the design phase. But as soon as you pass it off to an artist that has to keep a monthly schedule. It’s gets simplified so much, that you lose the point of even doing it in the first place.


You realize his mother - Martha! -made that costume, right?

Screw that retro scout ship thing. Mom worked her fingers to the bone!


Yeah that’s true… few artists could handle something like that… oh well… =(

Next movie reboot then =P


Any Superman redesign is always just New Coke in my eyes (and yes I know there’ve been revisions and tweaks pretty much since day 1, I’m talking actual redesigns here; removing underpants, adding collars, drawing lines all over it to make it look like armour, that kind of thing).


I would prefer it if Martha had not used seat belts to hold the cape on (on Earth-39).


That Martha thing doesn’t make sense… if the costume is indestructible, then there’s no way she made it. And if she made it then the damned thing would tear every time he flies or moves too quickly. So let’s just go with something else u_u


I honestly prefer the first Rebirth suit.

I thought Martha making the suit was no longer continuity but maybe it’s back now. It’s indestructibleness has been answered in two ways historically. At one point it was because Superman’s body projects a telekinetic field. The other was that it was made from his blankets and other elements in his ship which were indestructible Kryptonian materials.


Yeah, but as Jacowboy said, how is Martha trimming and altering that to fit if it’s indestructible material?


Clark helped her by using his heat vision. At least that’s the way Birthright handled it.

I’m honestly not sure if either answer is in continuity anymore. I prefer the suit as something from Krypton.


And Birthright handled it that way because it goes 'way back. Actually, i think this was addressed in early issues of Superboy.