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Superhero design discussion thread


He’s an illegal immigrant, so Irish from the mid 1800s


So most of the Midwest? :wink:


Brown Bottle.


Well, in swedish “super” literally means “drinks alcohol”. So here he would always be drunk.

(And that might be the reason he is called Stålmannen (Steelman) in swedish.)




Those are funny.

I thought for sure there was a superhero (maybe not Marvel or DC) whose powers depended on him getting drunk.

Maybe I’ll have to create one.

Any design ideas? Names?

The Amazing Spannered-Man!


You’re riffing on Hancock?


Hancock was what I thought of as well, but he didn’t need to drink to activate his superpowers.



That’s it. I was thinking it was in Marvel, but hadn’t thought of the mutants.



There was a villain in… something 80s, I forget what, whose powers came from using cocaine.


Probably something 90’s stupid like Jericho Kane… u_u




Mighty Mouse? :wink:



Hourman started it with those darned Miraclo Pills!


Since this is a thread to discuss design:


Clearly his costume should have just been an 80s Wall Street guy suit.


There really is a superhero called Brown Bottle!



Is it really just you, David? Which one gives you the best superpowers? Newky Brown?