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Superhero design discussion thread


Didn’t he get killed by a hammer through his torso? Clearly Goliath’s powers come from his bare chest and that shouldn’t be tampered with.


Who knew Vanity Fair might end up on pull lists?


Hank Pym’s costume when he was the Wasp:


So it was kind of like the Tyroc situation? Where the artist thought the character idea was so stupid and ill-conceived that he deliberately gave it a terrible costume?


That’s actually taken straight from an old Kirby costume design.

(Ok, so it’s not, but for a brief split-second you suddenly changed your mind and thought it was brilliant, didn’t you? :slight_smile: )


What the third Union Jack wore for a while in the 90’s:


Inspired by Black Lightning, the first and second costumes of Anissa Pierce aka Thunder:


Er… did she change skin colour as well? I don’t understand :confused:


I never even noticed that. :laughing:
I honestly didn’t see past the hair colour.


Correct hair colour is obviously of crucial importance when casting an acceptable actress :laughing:


An Alex Ross redesign of Robin:


Just seen this tweeted. Apparently it’s Captain Marvel. Honestly, it’s… NOT good:

I first saw just the upper part cropped by the tweet and I thought it was ok, then I opened the whole thing and… it just gets worse and worse the further down you look :frowning:


What don’t you like about it?


It looks like a cross between a motorcyclist and a cheap action figure rather than a superhero.

There’s something about the knees in particular that make her look like a poorly articulated action figure. The shoulders too, but the knees are the worse culprits.

I don’t see the need for the random patches (e.g. the thighs) and lines (e.g. the midriff). The diagonal line just under her bust looks like a zip-up pocket, which ok fair enough I’m sure that’s really useful but it’s an awkward place for a pocket if that’s what it is. And if it isn’t a pocket what it is, other than clutter?

Fingerless gloves only work for Bob Cratchitt.

I know traditional sleek superhero costumes don’t often work in real life, but this seems to go to unnecessary lengths to “busy” it up.


That’s a description of 70’s Captain America.


That was when he was going nuts with Kingdom Come redesigns. So much fun seeing him spew out so many ideas at the time - many that I saw only as a fuzzy photo uploaded. Big power surge of creativity!



Quick random superhero question - who is the superhero who has Superman level power but only when he is drunk?




“My secret is…I’m always drunk.”

Wait!!! Is Superman Irish?!? :wink: