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Superhero design discussion thread


Not really feeling any of those. They all feel like swimsuits.



At the same time, the costume looks “gay.”

But the unspoken sexual elements of superheroes is essential to their genesis. Superhero costumes should be kinky.


Who was it, Tyroc of the LSH? Somebody got mad and designed him “the worst costume ever”?


It was Mike Grell, so outraged at the inherently racist concept behind Tyroc that he gave him a deliberately bad costume. Which probably made the problem worse. I’m not sure if he was actually hoping the character would be dropped completely once they saw the art.


Yes! (Been having a bit of the geezer problem of pulling up proper names. There’s a pill for that, but I keep forgetting to take it.)


At least he never wore a bustier:

“I’m just a sweet transvestite…”


just threw up in my mouth a little.

no pink superheroes!


I bought the Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes HC and came across that costume for the first time. Part of me thinks that it hugely impractical and then there is another part of me that realizes that Emma Frost and countless female heroes have had costumes like that for years and I feel deeply ashamed of myself :worried:


Blink’s new costume:

When an Emma Frost costume looks practical in comparison…


That is fucking awful and has put me off bothering to pick up that arc of Cable (purely for Blink).


The comments were a bit lost on me because I had no idea which one Blink was, and couldn’t see a problem.

Then it dawned on me that the woman with the black-and-purple costume actually has purple skin :roll_eyes:


It does look a bit Tarot-ish. It’s also weird that it’s not the same costume she’s wearing or even the same haircut on the cover of issue #150 and no one else has changed.


Doop’s lost a lot of weight.


He’s been working out and watching what he eats. He just didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to make a big thing of it.


Supergirl Costume update by Jamal Igle [ Supergirl ]
Supergirl costume concepts 1

When i first got on the book almost two years ago I pitched this as an updating of the costume. it was considered for a while and was almost going to happen but ultimately decided against.



Perhaps one of the most ridiculous costumes any superhero could have, never mind a Black one:


It’s the bare midriff. Needs much more bling. And, of course, every super-big-guy wants to occlude their peripheral vision with a useless cowl thingie.


His next costume wouldn’t be much of an improvement:

Of course, he did get a decent costume before Mark decided to kill him off: