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Superhero design discussion thread


This is a good costume, but, IMO, doesn’t really say “Britain”, aside from the colors, which a number of flags share.


You want something more like this.


That’s my primary qualm. There was a lack of trust or writers wanted to be sure they got as much credit as possible.

I think the Marvel Method may have led to this dynamic where the writer was either trying to prove his worth or exert his control over the story through more dialog than necessary.

As far as costume design for Captain Britain, this one is probably my favorite.


Is that Tom Raney?


ComiXology says Mico Suayan.


Kevin Wada on his redesign of Scarlet Witch

Step 1 and Step 2:

When Marvel reached out to me to redesign SW I jumped and cried and hibernated for a bit. I was excited, nervous, incapacitated. Of course I said yes, how could I not? It was highly collaborative creating this. The initial prompt was to make SW luxuriously goth and darkly romantic. Something modern and glamorous and fashiony (which we reeled back as revisions went on). We pulled a bit from noir-ish femme fatales and contemporary witchy fashions. They wanted me to create a new headpiece inspired by jewelry hair accessories so the first pass was VERY non-traditional. In Step 1, all the figures with a blue X were the concepts I liked the best. They wanted her to be in some kind of long red coat as well to reimagine her cape. The coat was probably one of the more fun aspects to play around with.

In Step 2 they wanted me to bring more of the traditional headpiece into the new redesign. The height and color had to be there. You can sort of chart the progression of my brainstorming as the piece went from very unrecognizable to something of a hybrid between old and new. It would have been fun to make it totally unique but integrating more iconography was smart I think.


Davis’ original design reflected the flag more. The problem he found was it took too long to draw when he switched from 8 page stories for Marvel UK to 22 in the US.




Found a nice picture that shows the progression:

(It’s a part of the story why he bulked up so much after moving from the lion costume, I think the main reason is Davis wanted to draw him that way but when Merlin resurrects him they comment that he is being rebuilt taller and bigger).


Step 3 and Step 4

Marvel picked one of the thumbnail designs they really liked and we played around with it a bit. This step was about introducing more superhero-y elements. What footwear, what arm treatments? I loved keeping the gloves, but then what kind? They had already picked a headpiece design they liked so how that went with the new outfit mattered as well.

In the last step they had sent back notes and we had honed in on the first design in Step 3 and then it was all about the smaller details. They wanted an upside down W on her somewhere. They also wanted to see how her costume looked with two of the coat options they really liked (one of which was a capelet). I really pushed to keep her boots black like her pants because I loved the starkness and graphicness against the red of her coat/cape. They finally settled on the capelet which I think is a fun combination of heroics and fashion :P.


Something fun I did a few years ago.

What I would do if the Academy X team ever got back together.

Anole - Armor - Dust - Elixir - Hellion - Mercury - Pixie - Rockslide - Surge - X-23

largely these are just brain storms, nothings super final with them.

Not bad designs. That’s probably the least sexual X-23 costume I’ve ever seen.

Has Marvel really done anything with these characters lately, other than X-23?


I rather like that set of designs. I really do wish they’d go more “urban” for a while, just to acknowledge that real people have to wear this stuff should they become successful.


That x-team is quite forgettable and generic, I don’t even know who they are except Dust, Pixie (who I’ve seen, but never really liked) and X-23… and the unifrom look isn’t helping, tbh. But the desings by themselves are pretty neat… they look like something that would’ve been great post-Morrison.


It’s New X-Men Academy X, one of the various ‘young X-Men’ books they’ve done over the years, not the senior team.


Oh right, I’ve seen that book… eh… no wonder I didn’t pay attention, they do look very meh… It’s actually quite amazing that they managed to turn X-23 into something, too bad they turned her into faux-verine…

But hey, who knows maybe they’re popular… I mean, I was never a fan of the New mutants for many of the same reasons… I don’t think launching a new group of characters with uniform-like looks is the way to go, tbh, because their identity is kinda lost, visually, at least. I mean, say what you will about Gambit’s og costume, but at least it was memorable and gave him his own identity.


Kris Anka on his Captain Marvel design:

So. I realized I’ve never actually talked about the design process for the new Captain Marvel costume, and I thought that’d be a good way to kick off November.

When I came onto the book, one of the first things myself and the editor talked about was the design of the costume. Not so much that we HAD to do a redesign, but just some things that we had the opportunity to take a second look at now that we had the chance. I really wanted to take this moment to make the costume just a little more “me”.

But the Mckelvie costume isn’t broken, so it didn’t need to be fixed. I just wanted to add little flairs. One of my jumping off points is that I love the Warbird costume carol used to rock, so I wanted to take elements of that and bring it to her Captain Marvel costume. This is where the gloves, and the ideas of the knee pads and straps on her torso came from. I submitted two ideas that were just initial passes, but were basically the extent that I wanted to provide changes. One was a look more or less what was already in existence (it’s the one that was picked), and the other that just returned the “red belly” look.

We were approved for the first design, with a few alterations. The belt was the only specific note: instead of just being a sash, making it into a real belt with pouches so it can serve a function. I kept the sash hanging off it because I liked it for the visual drama. I made a few other small tweaks throughout the design for the final (the boots, the collar). But we also wanted to flush out the hair a bit. Everyone on the book liked and agreed with my desire to cut Carol’s hair really short (I just really liked it visually and it happened to also fit the direction of the book), so I took a few passes at other short cuts; trying to find the right balance of formal, short, and feminine. Ultimately F was chosen.

And then it was a pretty short step to get to the final design. Although even after the official announcement of the book and design I still made some tweaks (notably the collar, if you go back and compare to the original design sheet). and thats basically it. probably the least pain-staking redesign I’ve done haha. probably to make up for all the other designing I had to do for the book wink


Aaaand some Emma Frost designs by Anka:

First design says “Emma Frost” more.


it also looks like a 70’s stripper costume or something… I prefer the second one, but in white would be nicer…


claymannpi Some behind the scenes of the new Poison Ivy series. A few possibilities for Ivy . “A” totally ripped from @duss005 (as u can see on the left) … Bc I liked it so much, and he said I could:/
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It looks like a pair of hands cupping her boobs :confused: