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Superhero design discussion thread


Exactly. I’m not buying Brian’s physics degree - he’s the kind of upper class rugger tosser whose daddy could buy him into a good university (and keep him there), while Betsy got given a modelling career and Jamie went around driving fast cars and slaving.


He’s physics as fuck. Take it back! :smile:


While @rocket cited a recent Marvel RPG, let’s look at one with a bit more granularity. In the TSR Marvel Superheroes RPG from the 80s, Captain Britain has Good Reason, Incredible Intuition, and Excellent Psyche. This means he’s smart, but impulsive. Even in Excalibur when he was at his most boorish he was still talking science with Kitty (which she was calling him a bimbo behind his back)


From that profile:


He was being chased by dudes with guns!


Guns that don’t fire down cliffs?


He didn’t drive off the cliff on purpose!


Are we sure about that?




Really though?







OK, to get the thread a little bit back on track:


This whole exchange just shows us how great it was to have over-wordy comics that restate what we can see in the art. Otherwise we might think that Brian was driving over the cliff on purpose in this panel:


Do you see, @RonnieM? Wordy comics where characters tell us what’s happening in the art are good :stuck_out_tongue:


I think there’s some ambiguity there. It could well be “Oh lord, no!!” at the men with guns and then “I’m going off the cliff!” as a positive declaration of intent. It certainly looks like he’s done a deliberate jump off there.


Yeah, silver age artists are pretty awful.


Brian Braddock’s worst costume?


I think the “oh lord, no!” is in reference to suddenly being covered in bubblegum.


It’s not just the costume that’s wrong, his body looks ridiculous. His thighs look like a bunch of big tumors.