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Superhero design discussion thread



Been a while since I posted a Kris Anka redesign. Here’s his redesign for M:

What do I wanna say about this costume? It doesn’t really pop out to me.


I was going to say I like the hood in the rear angled shot, but then I realised he just hadn’t coloured in her hair


Another Kris Anka redesign and probably one of the best updates of the classic Captain America design I’ve ever seen:


Seems like it was inspired by the film.


Which seems like it was inspired by Bryan Hitch.


Who is still Da Man.


lol I was gonna say it looks like a crossover of Hitch & movie cap… buuut got beaten to the punch. Don’t like some of the details but it’s ok.


So I never got around to doing anything with this, but this was my attempt at making a Secret Avengers type gang. Black ops Avengers.

Lead by fury (the real fury, not sam jack, who is a terrible nick fury), it had cap britain and red she hulk for muscle, Widow and spiderwoman for stealth, Domino for range, and a de-aged Destroyer, the one from ww2 for bluntness.


That’s actually an interesting team, with the exception of Captain Britain sticking out like a sore thumb.


Yes, Brian is so much more than muscle. He was part of Hickman’s Illuminati. My opinion of him these days is like a British version of Black Panther(Powered, Intelligent, Diplomatic)


Weeeeelll, hmm, yeah… dunno.


Just can’t seem to help posting Kris Anka redesigns:

My magik and colossus redesign for flamecon. Wanted to do a costume that unified them as siblings for once‬

Polaris redesign for a panel at Flamecon


Marvel’s guide to powers has Brian very intelligent just short of genius

He was a precocious grad student in physics before becoming Cap Britain. I think you may be thinking of his wisdom, which has shown to be lacking at times. as he has made poor decisions in the past. I was referring to his book smarts, not his common sense.


5 out of 10 is just short of genius?


Its the Marvel RPG guide and 6 is tops so it is 5/6 not 5/10


In the comics he build his own AI supercomputer.

He’s often portrayed as very stubborn and headstrong which leads to poor choices but not unintelligent.


If you mean Mastermind, his father built it, though he repaired it during the Alans Moore and Davis run.


Isn’t that good enough for you? :smile:

(He has a degree in physics too)


Just saying, like!

And to be fair, while Mastermind tried to kill Captain Britain before he damaged and repaired it, after those repairs it did try and take over Braddock Manor and put some sort of shady plan in motion in the Delano/Davis run.