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Superhero design discussion thread


Took me a while, but I thought at first Anders meant something completely different and simply spelt the word wrong.

He was referring to trousers.


Will hot pants do?





Vigilante designs by Jamal Igle, one being a slight update of the original Adrian Chase design:


If I had to choose from all of the Supergirl costumes, the one on top is my favorite. I could do without the cleavage reveal and I prefer she wore pants, even though that would be so close to her cousin.


They’re pretty cool though I think I like the second just a touch more. The V visor is impractical but really cool looking.



I would think it would be bad for Puck and Wolverine due to their height. Trench coats do not look cool when they are dragging on the ground.


In Madripoor (thinly veiled SE Asia) they’d get them made to measure very cheap. :smile:

(I have a made to measure tuxedo that cost me less than 2 day rental in Wales).


Henry Rollins has this hilarious story about meeting up with Blixa Bargeld from Einstuerzende Neubauten and (at the time) the Bad Seeds and talking about his tailored suit from South East Asia. Sadly it seems to not be on YouTube (though I think I have a bootleg of the show I was at where he told the story…)



Ahh too bad, it’s missing the Batman Returns one, which is probably the best or 2nd best =(


Her designs in animation:



Some of these are cool.

Pencil To The Metal: 15 Awe-Inspiring Fan-Designed Iron Man Armors - Comic Book Resources


Yeah some of those are great. Cyberpunk makes me think I’d love to see a William Gibson written Iton Man comic.



A quote from Paul Smith on Mohawk Storm:

“Oh my god, that was just a bad joke gone too far! I knew they were gonna cut the hair, so I did a number of head sketches with varying short hair sytles and as a joke–as a joke–I put a Mr. T Mohawk on her. Louise Simonson (the editor) looked at it and said, “You know we’re gonna get hung no matter what we do, so let’s commit the crime!” So we went with the Mohawk. I went ahead and switched to the Wendy O. Williams (of the Plasmatics) style instead, more free flowing. But once you get into that, you had to get into the whole leather and stud thing. So it was just a bad joke that got way out of hand.”


I just love Weezy.