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Superhero design discussion thread




Looks to me like the Legion wins this one, the ‘jackets’ version started late 1989. I can’t track down the exact issue but I think Jim Lee added that look for Rogue in 1991.




Any advance on 1987?


Lee had been playing with jackets for a while in X-Men costume designs, but the earliest bomber ones were in the X-tinction Agenda in 1990.

Which, by @davidm’s logic above, predates his 1987


Thinking about it his Jubilee design is before that Rogue one so he may win the crown back there.


What is it about Grant Morrison and jackets?


Joking aside, coats as part of superhero costumes go all the way back to the pulp heroes that initially inspired them. The Spirit was a guy in a suit and trenchcoat who was essentially a superhero in a more noir context, and you’d often see more ‘gritty’ heroes like Nick Fury or the Punisher sporting a trenchcoat over their spandex costumes. I think early Spider-Woman too, although I might be misremembering that.

For that reason I think it’s impossible to point to a specific ‘first’, but you can definitely see trends taking hold in the mid-to-late eighties, reflecting real-world fashion trends.


ha! Vintage Epting… I kinda liked that era. Wasn’t too much of a fan of the bomber jackets on everyone, but I thought Dane looked pretty good in it. Much better than his reg costume, for me.

Hercules’ and Pym’s costumes are attrocious tho… the pouches!!! Crystal looked neat in the B&W costume with the bomber, but too Rogue-ish.

Oh and that Rogue look is the best. At least the most iconic.


Speaking of neat costumes… I REALLY love the Udon Taskmaster design… I was very sad when they dropped it and went back for the old one =(


What’s “udon” mean? :confused:


It’s an art studio. It’s an emulation of the Japanese model where they use multiple artists but based in the US. (Correction, Wiki tells me it was Canada).


Ohh, ok. I was trying to think of an artist with that name.


It used to be some sort of “collective” (like Gar said) started by Pat Lee… don’t know if he’s still in there, but now it’s an imprint, they do the Capcom comics these days… maybe something else.


They did Deadpool/Agent X for a while, when Gail Simone was writing it.


Those series were so, so good. :slight_smile:



I was going to comment on that before. I felt it looked a bit like a Batman/Wolverine amalgam. It doesn’t look quite as much so in that drawing as the original cover they showed.

Wow, you’re right. it is a horrible idea (with Rogue being the exception).


The issue with the Rhino being stuck on a key ring was sheer genius.

I absolutely loved that run.


…name? :confused: