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Superhero design discussion thread


It was from the all Jim Lee set. So it’s burned in my brain. I think they’re re-releasing them as alternate covers or something.


Yeah they’re doing that a moment, which is particularly weird since most of the characters aren’t from the books that have the alternative covers.


How do you guys feel about trench coats? I hate them. The Question, Constantine and Rorschach get passes. Gambit is the worst. And putting a trench coat on Yondu in the movie is just awful. I know they can’t have him running around in just a pair of skivvies, but good lord. A trench coat?


A trench coat works if you wear it over normal clothes, like Constantine and those other guys do. If you wear it over a skintight superhero costume, you look like a pervert.


I love them.

I spent many years wearing a succession of trenchcoats (in black). I just liked the length, and the fact that they have capacious pockets. They weren’t overly warm in the summer and they kept off the rain in the winter.

I’m a little older now and don’t dress quite so formally. I now wear a leather peacoat.


I wish I could wear a trench coat, but I always feel slightly ridiculous in them. I’m not very tall and I think they’re a tall man’s garment.


I’m only talking about super heroes and super villains wearing trench coats.


Well obviously that’s cool, unless it’s Puck or Wolverine :slight_smile:


Have you considered a three-quarter length trench-coat? You get the feel of a trench coat, the swirl, the pocket-space, the never having to worry if your trousers are slipping down, but without the worry of it being too long and trailing on the floor.

That said, one of my friends is quite short and wears a leather trench-coat without looking ridiculous. I mean, he does kind of dress like a vampire extra from Buffy anyway, but it works.




Dissing Gambit and neither Tim nor Bernadette have come down on you. Impressive.


Really :slight_smile: . You won’t find more of a superhero traditionalist than me, but I do think a long coat over spandex looks cool as well as practical. If you’re going to fly, capes still rule, and if your thing is acrobatics you should have nothing to obstruct that, but for anyone else a trench coat is fine.

There are plenty of things that make Gambit rubbish, but the coat is not one of them :smiley:


Look, even in the 30th century they will be cool:

Maybe I wouldn’t have chosen yellow, though. Hold on, here’s better colouring:


Wow. I strongly disagree, but that’s what makes this fun. If everyone felt the same, life would be boring. So you’d like Green Lantern in a trench coat? Or Kitty Pryde? I do agree with you that Gambit is rubbish. :blush:


Only if the trenchcoat is a construct of his ring.


What about bomber jackets?


Oh god, no. I give bomber jackets a thumbs down, too. I can’t stand that Rogue costume. But I’m glad you guys like it!


Duke Thomas’ Signal costume, designed by Cully Hamner:



Again, the 30th century got there first with the jackets-over-spandex :slight_smile:

(Actually Rogue’s look might pre-date this, I’m sure of the timing.)

(Edit: not sure of the timing!)


That is not how the progression of time works