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Superhero design discussion thread


Plus, have you ever tried to put on boots without laces with a foot larger than a size 9? It’s not a quick operation.


I don’t know why, but when I was in the Swedish Navy we had boots with zippers, as opposed to the boots they issue to the Army and the Air Force.

Someone must’ve thought it was practical for some reason. :slight_smile:


Speaking of lace up boots, here’s some Catwoman commissions by Arthur Adams:

Wonder if this could work as an official design.


Not sexy enough. The tits needs to be at least six times as big, we need more cleavage, and more male gaze.


That’s extremely specific. Where did you read and/or see this? I’ve never seen a comic in which Damien takes off or puts on his boots and I’ve never seen one in which he talks about it. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist. Or is that just how you assume he puts on his boots?


You can tell by the way there are no bows on the outside. It’s not uncommon.


Ah. That makes sense. I still don’t like lace-up boots on superheroes, but Damian gets a pass.


I was partially goofing around. That’s the US military way to tie boots.


I have. ;). It’s easy when you keep the laces pulled out all the way to the knot.


No I’m talking about boots with no laces like cowboy boots. They don’t loosen. So it’s hard to make the bend with my foot.


Make ‘em out of stretchy stuff. I’m no cobbler, but I do believe I have seen - particularly in ladies’ footwear, stretchy sides that tend to disappear.

I’m gonna go ask somebody.


I have boots like that and I can put them on pretty quickly.


Han's boots from A New Hope
I’m thinking of boots like this. No laces and no zippers. They just have the interior straps. I love the clean, slick, non-bulky look.



Ah gotcha. The only time I wear cowboy boots is when I’m only wearing cowboy boots. Getting them on isn’t what I’m focused on.


Still my favorite look for Sabretooth:


The colors of the face are all wrong tho… looks like Omega Red cosplaying as Sabertooth…


He’s wearing a leotard in the snow. He’s got hypothermia.


It’s a trading card that’s been blown up without fixing the colors for the larger size.


Well spotted.