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Superhero design discussion thread


Then came this costume:


Image hosted by tripod?


It’s showing up for me.


I forgot to add that the hairstyle is part of my criticism. The suit, the hair, the shades…the whole shebang.


i liked that one! thought it was underrated.



I was just reminded of the hideous costumes of Cable, Gambit, and Shatterstar. Shudder.


My problem here is that overall these are not “costume designs”. Mostly they’re decals sprayed on anatomical drawings. I’m a big fan of things like cloth with thickness, sleeves, variation of body shapes, utility (particularly in eliminative processes), shoes, ability to get in and out of the damned things, and so on. Every time I see another of these fan-painted Aurora models I get a bit miffed. Different colors on the same musculature is not much of a design. Inability to ever take a piss is not a design. (Ergo the underpants on the outside.) I hear the excuse that it “looks good”. I’m here to say NO! It does NOT “look good”. It’s lipstick on a pig. Think before splashing on those cheap, too-thick Testor paints in primary colors!

One Ultimate Question: Would you go outside wearing that?

Oh, and Superman, being First, gets a pass. And somebody give him his skivvies back.


What Mojo almost looked like:


It feels like some that design was recycled for the Gamemaster.


Spawn, as apparently designed by a 16-year old Todd McFarlane:


Spawn scratching his butt, it should be noted


Are these the kind of costumes you’re thinking of?


Robins design there is really great. I love this old cover too, same design.


I’m not a fan of lace up boots on superheroes. I don’t like it visually and every second counts when you need to suit up when the bad guys strike unexpectedly. However, Damien is such a militaristic little fucker that it kinda works on him visually, but not practically.


I still say, unless there’s some sort of super-speed involved, it would take about twenty minutes to change clothes. I should think more quick-latch type things. Around time to look to new sports gear, as well. Fresh inspirations!


He ties knots on the end of his boot laces so he can loosen them up and take them off without pulling them through the eyelets. That way he can have them loosened and ready to pull tight when he puts them on. He also uses a modified knot to tie them. Whole process to put on and tie takes about three seconds.


Either that or he’s got a zipper on the side of the boots.


Nah, zippers on the sides of boots are unnecessary and look dumb.


Yeah velcro is so much better.