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Superhero design discussion thread


So, in that third pic, are Beast, Iceman and Angel in a poly relationship or something?


Just in that picture?


Well, I don’t want to make assumptions, I’ve not read X-Men in a long time


The four original X-Men and some woman maybe!

I quite like those designs.


Presumably that was to keep the revelation that Jean was coming back a secret. I mean, someone might have believed it was Madelyne.


I always liked Angel’s ‘halo’ suit. They should have stuck with the plan and kept it.


Yes, but without that big chin. I just can’t take that seriously. As for the trench-coat, part of me loves it, and part of me hates it. On one hand it makes Sabretooth look more like a bad guy, on the other it doesn’t really fit in with the more supervilliany outlandish parts of the costume.


I remember as a kid I discovered my neighbour’s massive comic collection, and of all the characters, the design that intrigued me the most was Sunspot.

Kind of like The Thing, he has this look of ‘that must be a bad guy’, which draws you in when you see him hanging out with the good guys. It was interesting how he was conflicted with his father and worried about his temper, especially after seeing him in a future timeline where he’d turned into an evil business tycoon. Ah, now I want to dig those books out!



Legion of Superheroes designs by Yildiray Cinar:

Lightning Lad by Yildiray Cinar [ Legion of Superheroes ]


Sam Wilson’s new Falcon costume:


Pretty bad, tbh… They should stick with something more similar to the movies… I mean, why wouldn’t they??? =/

I was browsing Google and found this one, something like this would be MUCH better, imo:

It looks like the movie version, but in a very comicbook way. Very good blend, I’d say. You could even simplify the wings a lot more, I’m not a fan of those wings, but the rest of the costume is aces.


The costume is a bit “meh”, but the general cover design is the best thing I’ve seen from Marvel for several decades :thumbsup:


3 is my favorite.


I love clean designs. Busy costumes that look heavy and cumbersome like Hawkman’s current suit really irritate me. And when artists try to design whatever they see as an “edgy” or “cool” costume, they end up coming up with shit like this Superboy costume 99% of the time. Or they do something like give Nightwing a mullet…during a period when mullets went out of fashion long before. And even if they were in style at the time, a mullet? Seriously? There seems to be such an effort to make some costumes look like regular joe clothing. Jackets, t-shirts, trenchcoats, ect. (That said, punk Storm is my favorite Storm costume.)


That Superboy costume is a classic!


Surely the costume was deliberately ironically bad? Because, you know, that version of Superboy was a jerk.


Doesn’t make it any less of an eyesore. Just my opinion. :slight_smile:


It’s the right opinion :wink:


I think the haircut was worse.