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Superhero design discussion thread


Actually, that’s a sleeveless trench-coat.


This may seem shameless, but I just finished a character reference/design card for my comic:

The information on the right has been cropped, but if you click on the image, you’ll be able to see it.


Here’s my design in action:


Remember this?





What Longshot almost looked like, by Carl Potts:



From that John Byrne thread, this was a good way to go back in the 60s but I think clinging to the same “rule” now would be too limiting:

Stan Lee maintained that one should be able to pick a character out of a group based solely on his/her name alone, without any prior knowledge of that character, or anyone else in the group. Consider this shot of the original X-Men:

Try to imagine you have not heard of any of these characters before. Which one is Iceman? Which is the Beast? Angel? And which one looks like a Cylcops?*

Now apply the same question to the illustration on the previous page. Can you pick out those characters by name alone? Is there, for example, based solely on that drawing, anything to distinguish Cyclops from Magneto?


And which one is a girl, of course


That just looks like a bald, flamier Jono from Generation X… =/


Emma Frost | The White Queen.

A quick design, but the thinking behind it was: if she’s called The White Queen, why shouldn’t her costume be connected to that? With that in mind, I looked up a couple of Elizabethan outfits and went from there, while trying to keep it true to her origins as a member of the Hellfire Club.


Unused Kitty Pryde design by Salvador Larocca:


Maybe I am a little behind on my Kitty Pryde history, but when has she ever been a dominatrix? I think that might say a whole lot more about the artist than the character.


Was that for Xtreme X-men?


Or the writer, given that was for a Claremont comic.


That sounds so much like it must have been a parody, until you remember that it was an actual thing, leading to the obvious conclusion that Marvel itself is a parody.


X-Treme X-men…It came from a period when the X-Men traded in their jet and got around by snowboarding and base jumping… :wink:


Since it was done by Larocca, I’d say most likely.


She was probably undercover in the Hellfire Club. That looks like something maybe one of the female Rooks would wear.


X-Factor first design by Bob Layton