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Superhero design discussion thread




It kind of reflects the aimless take on the character all over really.


Rejected Black Bolt redesign:

And for Human Torch:


Yeah it’s part of the issue I’ve had with Capaldis Doctor (beyond finding him boring).


Do you know who the artist is for that?


Steven McNiven


Black Bolt looks like the Metabaron there. I can’t say I would be completely against that.

It makes sense that it’s a McNiven design as he seems to be one of the more European influenced artists especially at Marvel.


Rejected New 52 Superboy Design by Brett Booth

I wouldn’t have minded this design.


So, all us baldies look the same to you, eh? :wink:


Yep. I’m a baldist with my full head of hair. :wink:

I think it goes beyond just being bald. It would be believable that that was a Metabaron design if he had the metal earmuff and no tuning fork insignia.


Well I guess now we know what happened to that rejected idea: :smile:


What Batman almost looked like:

Thank you, Bill Finger.


I actually have a Pinterest board with lots of different costumes, mostly shared here.


That’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.



Oh, I hate that design. Way too stripy for a character who is, for me, a shadowy, dark figure.

This splash pretty much sums him up for me. If you haven’t read Ultron Unlimited, which this is in, read it.


And some redesigns by the late, great Mike Wieringo:


This is about Snokes (a supervillain) redesigns for the upcoming Star Wars movie.

Interesting about the shoes. Pope-like.


Sabretooth’s design from the “Wolverine and the X-Men” animated series:

Could a similar look have worked in the comics?


I would “yes” everything but the cape.