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Superhero design discussion thread


:laughing: Emma Frost!


For those who may have never seen it, this is what Thunderbird almost looked like:

Rather busy design but not as stereotypical as his final look.


Looks a lot like Peacemaker mixed with one of the old Atom costumes.


I’ve often said that, as awesome an artist as George Perez is, he’s not the best costume designer. But this unused Captain Atom design is pretty decent:


More of Laura Kinney’s new Wolverine costume:


Ah. Hellcat.


Cully Hamner and Jim Lee New 52 redesign of Martian Manhunter:


whoa the one on the bottom left looks like it leapt out of a DBZ manga :smile:

I prefer the Jim Lee one by far… the other don’t look like J’onn to me…


The new Quasar:


They really want people to be aware of her sexual characteristics


Well that’s super attrocious… Looks like one of those 90’s fugly costumes… Is that supposed to be Phyla btw?


Nope, new character:


I’d forgotten about that. Have they actually used her anywhere else since? (and explained why Wendell stopped being Quasar?)


No more Marvel!



This is good.


Reminds me a little of Morlun.


Sure, just reverse the vest and shirt.

Good call.

Morlun was awesome back in the day…


That first Morlun storyline was one of the few that pulled me back into reading comics as an adult. I really enjoyed it.


I kind of feel like they keep flip flopping on Capaldis appearance. They can’t seem to decide if he’s the stylish authoritarian or the elderly hipster.