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Superhero design discussion thread


Old thread from the Byrne Robotics forums “Elements for a good costume design”:


I often find that the best element for a good costume design is Jamie McKelvie.


Yeah - this is true.

The other day I thought I’d redefine Batman’s costume, but I ended up just drawing a picture of Jamie McKelvie.



His Kamala Khan is really wonderful stuff. But for me the main events are his designs for America Chavez, Billy from Young Avengers, and Persephone from The Wicked + The Divine.



I don’t agree at all with the inclusion of Superman in there. The costume made perfect sense for that version of Superman and there was nothing embarrassing about it.


Found this on

Now, is it necessary to elaborate on why this is a bad look?









Looks fine to me.



I would definitely switch the top two.


Honestly, I would put the New X-men costume as number one or the John Byrne jacket with cowboy hat. Wolverine was a character who a costume never felt appropriate for.


I know it won’t win with anyone else but I’m a bit partial to #14. That was the first comic I ever picked up. So it will always have a special place for me.



I loved the look of the Cyclops mask, but, boy, was it pointless.


I loved this bit.

Kon-el/Connor Kent was introduced in the 90s, so he had no chance of getting a normal costume. His original look can be used as to define the era. Leather jacket, check. One earring, check. Tiny, round sunglasses, check. Once the world came to its senses, DC decided that Superboy could not be trusted with a costume and had him fight crime in a t-shirt and jeans.

It was an unusually well-written article of the sort, I thinks.


Oh my god, this was absolutely brilliant.

@Lorcan_Nagle Have you seen this?