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Superhero design discussion thread


A prehensile scarf seems like an idea Jack Kirby would come up with, so I am forced to approve :slight_smile:


Worst case of thigh chafing - ever!


Already being touched on in the Marvel Comics thread, but:


The visible mouth is a terrible terrible idea.


Now, in comparison to the Kaine Scarlet Spider costume:


I dont like the hood or the mouth, the latter of which is horrendously awful beyond belief. The hood is stupid but i assume it will droo soon enough.

They could have catered to my personal liking and made it more like the old sleeveless hoodie with the hood down, but perhaps… hood on the suit and the hood down over a blue open jeans vest with the red spider logo on the back, the black logo on the red suit on front.

But i prefer a good writer, like Peter David, over good design. If i had to choose. Looking forward to this. A lot.


I’m not sure I can get past the mouth.

Why the mouth?


A sure indication that there was early childhood trauma from reading Harlan Ellison.


I can’t tell whether the mouth is a permanent part of the costume or just a device being used in that particular drawing - plenty of artists have drawn Spidey with an occasionally visible mouth through the mask over the years. (Which never looked great to me then either.)


Thought this would be appropriate:


And now another new costume for Superman:

Like that it looks enough like the classic outfit with hints of the New 52 and Rebirth.


Anybody else notice?

Except for a short bit in Batman Returns, there is a complete absence of “changing into costume”. Apparently it’s magic. Most egregious, of course, was Batman a) removing powered armor, b) putting on regular armored Bat-Suit, c) taking off in Batplane without pre-flight checks despite it being in heavy combat, d) turning it over to Alfred, who can apparently fly the Batplane by remote a lot easier than some Flight Simulator game, e) jump off the plane and through a window, f) plan, arm for right and defeat about twenty armed hostiles, g) walk through a wall in the exact right place to get the drop on a professional killer, and h) do all of this in six minutes.


Not only did I notice, but it was actually my top complaint about BvS… :smile:



NO - It’s Batman!


In the extended version they restore the deleted scene where he spends five minutes getting changed. It’s wonderful cinema, and not at all a mundane waste of time.


This is what they should have done from the very beginning if they had so much of a problem with the red trunks. Not the overdone armor with the lines. Keep it simple.

Of course I’ll always prefer the classic one with the trunks but this is a nice compromise, evocative of the classic while modern.


Well, guess no one likes the new Scarlet Spider look:


I’d rather have him back with an awful look than not have him back at all.


An oldie but a goodie.

More in the link.


His steampunk Spider-Man: