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Superhero design discussion thread


I really like the design for Jean.


I’m not scheduled to go back to my own timeline for some time. The Event hasn’t happened yet. :wink:


Glad Laura Kinney’s getting a new Wolverine costume:


Yes we do.


I am confuse.

It says #1 at the top. It says #19 at the bottom. What is what?


I think the one means it’s starting a new storyline?
Marvel are just hoping that a big #1 on a cover will increase sales, aren’t they?


That is super likely.

No irony.


In the words of @JRCarter, Bless their hearts, Marvel are still trying to make Inhumans happen.

But this also happened, and I LIKE IT!


This is from the same article, and isn’t that an unusually prominent… thing?


Under that mask he’s really David Bowie.


So thaaat’s where he went…


One of my favorite looks for Scarlet Witch:


And this might be one of Deathstroke’s best looks:


I still get him and Deadshot mixed up.


I’m not crazy about the white eyepatch. It’s confusing when the opposite eye is white in the mask.


Thats fair, since both are really cool characters!


Found another redesign by Ray-Anthony Height, this one of obscure Marvel hero Nightwatch:

Here is that #Nightwatch redesign promised. The suit can shapeshift (and enhance durability, strength,and grants flight and invisibility). So, the new wearer…who is either “REDACTED” or “REDACTED” in my reimagining is smart enough to do things with it…modify it in ways the Kevin Trench could never dream of. The Cape is now a scarf that can be used as extra appendages, morph into wings, blades, …whatever. Both potential wearers ar under 25 years old and African American and have serious ties in the #Marvel Universe.


That’s pretty cool.


a scarf… god… :smile:

Well that looks like a hipster Night Trasher, so I’m gnna go with a NO, on this one… =P


I think that looks really cool, although more like the star of an indie retro video game platformer, than a Marvel superhero.