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Superhero design discussion thread


Ohhh, interesting :smile:

I have trouble imagining Moore as a fan, though…


Ah - hadn’t considered that.


You should know Tarantino is unashamedly the ultimate recycler.


He does credit working at Blockbuster for his education in film. Most of his films are unabashed homages.


The 5 Most Ridiculous Superhero Costume Redesigns in Comic Book History


Does not even scratch the surface!

nd that’s just recently saved pics! My favorite “serious”-but-ridiculous Supersuit was the varieties of black (which look good, I loved the scene with Zod and Kal in black suits in Man of Steel) by Byrne that had the soap bubbles along the arms. The nobody-shows-skin-on-Krypton period.

Sometimes overblown art can be funny or get a point across, but mostly it’s just too unrealistic. One example was Rags Morales working so hard on Brad Meltzer’s Identity Crisis to make the JLA individuals, like Sue Dibny based on Dawn Wells and then had to draw Superman as oversized with absurd musculature. Where can Superman ever have a decent work-out? Those muscles don’t just grow, not in humans, and most Kryptonians we’ve ever seen seem quite within normal limits. Christopher Reeve was the biggest Superman, 6’ 4" and 220 or so. Cavill has the perfect Superman anatomy as far as I’m concerned. Totally straight and without any vestige of gaydar whatsoever, that is still a gorgeous man. He looks like I wish I looked. Great, powerful hands, too! (That’s important.) Kirk Alyn was likely the smallest, which means nothing. He was terrific, and had an attitude as Superman that just made you smile. Dean Cain is right around Alyn’s size, albeit with much more modern methods of exercise and body-shaping from his football quarterback (or whatever he played) days. Tom Welling is 6’ 3" and pretty cut, pity he was in The Suit for only one shot. George Reeves was probably the most “normal-guy” physique on the muscular side. Totally fit for the 1950’s type of strong-man (not as in circus, more as in works hard on the farm every day, which fits).

Variant costumes are frequent. I think Waid and Hitchy used them as a trophe in their JLA run. Black Canary even said mind control or turning to evil usually meant a change of costume!


I still love this Marvel ad:


That Deodato ad is very amusing - even though at the time that was the best Thor had looked in years. I really wish Deodato would go back to drawing all his characters from scratch - his use of 3D Poser models for his figure work does nothing for me.


Looking back, the spikes and the midriff are a bit of overkill.


I like the Sammy Hagar hair!


I have to confess I’m not enough of a Tarantino fan to know where/if he recycled that scene, but I doubt he has ever made anything as good as The Twisted Nerve :stuck_out_tongue: , which is one of my favourite psychological thrillers.


As Ronnie says he worked for quite a while in a video shop and absorbed many movies.

I don’t have any issues at all with picking and choosing bits from old films he loves.


Oh, I have no issues at all. It’s clearly homage rather than “stealing”, and that’s a time-honoured practice.


There was a (Marvel?) character with the worst costume ever. Had nearly every primary and secondary color, a cape, a mask, don’t think he had super-powers, more gadgets. Did not appear often.

Anyone have a clue?


No idea but that just makes me think of Polka dot man



Thanks, Doc, but this was MUCH worse!


Sounds like Captain Ultra:


Wow, that’s just painful to look at


Well, he’s kind of a ridiculous character, so a ridiculous costume would fit.

That said, “garish” doesn’t even begin to describe this.


JR - That may well be him, it’s almost hideous enough! Don’t remember any powers, though - fuzzy memory remembers a couple of scenes where the character is walking on a sidewalk near a bank, the bank is robbed, and whoever is totally incompetent to help. Anyway, it’s sure in the ballpark.

It far outstripped Wonder Man’s original suit.