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Superhero design discussion thread


10 Disastrous Superhero Redesigns


Yeah this is true.

Mr Stupid-Face Director is a renowned Hollywood mysogynist too.


Eh… Iron Spider: Agreed… bad.
Hook Aquaman? Nah he was okay. Not disastrous at all… Namor’s black suit is good as well.
Armoured Cap and Franken-Castle… yeah bad.
AzBats was pretty good, all in all…
Sexy Sue, Biker WW and feral Wolverine were all “meh” but on the lame side for sure…
Mullet Superman is not a redesign, it’s just a new haircut… which was okay for the time anyways…


Sexy Sue is a really awful costume and not at all sexy.

Just… gross.

Out of all of them I’d say Armoured Cap, AzBats and Sue are by far the worst. And they have a time period in common.


I remember Paul Ryan (RIP) joking in an interview (at least I think he was joking) that his wife made him sleep on the couch after he designed “Sexy Sue”.


It’s such a bad costume.

I don’t really have a thing against skin - like I think Maddy Pryor and Psylockes costumes aren’t great and a bit overtly sexual, but I can accept them as superhero costumes. Likewise I often wish Namor would just put a shirt on, but I guess that’s kind of his deal.

That Sue costume is just terrible though - the ‘4’ boob window AND the belly window, with the collar, and then the bare arms, gloves, and thigh highs … it’s just completely non-sensical. It’s like all the places a rational person would cover, aren’t, and then all these ancillary spots are … so weird.


Funny you should mention Maddy:


Both those costumes aren’t great.

I kind of let the super-villain costumes off because they’re meant to be reversals of the norm.

There’s also Land’s version:

Umm… PS. Dont google “Greg Land Strawberry Shortcake” at work.


Kris Anka’s redesign of Selene:

EDIT: Who approved this?


Kris Anka is the best.

Yeah I’ve always found the pirate boots and skirts and v-neck stuff to be super-weird.

That costume kind of look like it’s a riff on He-Man.


What a shame Hallowe’en is over. I’ll have to bear (judging by the images, maybe bare is a better word :wink: ) all this in mind for next year.

All I’ll have to do is dye my hair?


That’s right. Dye your hair and then put on a black g-string and bra and you can be the villainess of your choice!

Maybe find a cape too.


AzBats gets too much bad rep… it was pretty good as far as redesigns go (although since he wasn’t Bruce, it wasn’t really a redesign I guess). I also liked DD’s armoured costume A LOT. But I might be the only one =P


With emphasis on the cape and one that’s not too swirly or twirly.


Maybe swap the red and black parts.


Some unused Kris Anka X-Men designs:


They look great!


The Wolverine design I could definitely get behind.


Those are very cool.


Not gonna lie, I don’t like them very much…but they’d be okay for an alternate universe kind of story. The colors are waaay too muted tho…

Also: Namor totally stole Hank’s pants from the Astonishing book :smile: