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Superhero design discussion thread


Redesign of Madeline Pryor by Kris Anka:

EDIT: More Kris Anka redesigns:


Watched Ant Man again today and I really liked the costume design. That shade of red in particular.


And a new look for Venom:


Not a fan of the eyes but the white on the hands is a nice touch.


Female Superhero Costumes Given Practical Redesigns


I don’t really like the color scheme of most of them and a lot of them a very similar aesthetic feel. The ones that diverge from the generic template work the best (Vampirella and Zatana).


Yeah those are boring, bland and pretty much the same generic sci-fi suit.

Also, there’s nothing practical about any of those…



Everything is grey. I understand the artist is basing that in realism but sometimes suspension of disbelief is okay too.


25 Coolest Superhero Redesigns


I’m curious which redesigns people really liked. I can’t think of too many that actually were good or that lasted. Even brown costume Wolverine has gone.


None of the redesigns in the article I posted were officially used.


I don’t mean in the articles. I mean in comics in general. Which characters underwent major redesigns for the better?


Iron Man, Daredevil and Hulk spring to mind, although arguably those redesigns came so early in their histories that the early abandoned designs can be seen as part of the process of nailing down the original versions of the characters.

Plus, with Iron Man the costume changes are part of the gimmick (although it tends to regularly come back to some variation on the red-and-gold armour).


What about blue/hairy Beast? Does he count?


Black Costume Spidey is probably my favourite alternate-version of an A-list character that has actually stuck around to an extent (although that’s partly due to Venom).

And it was sent in to Marvel by a fan!


I didn’t know that!


If you feel like scrolling up, I posted a link to an article on it.


I’m now feeling slightly self-conscious about my hair after viewing that. Although, someone did call me Rapunzel recently, so maybe I need a haircut. :wink: Whilst I appreciate what the artist was trying to achieve, it’s all a bit :sleeping:
Even the occasional flash of colour is muted and dull and Snydered. And it isn’t particularly practical. I’d need to do even more Pilates to wear some of those designs. And there isn’t much difference between those skin-tight costumes and the alternative, aside from a different choice by the colourist. Sometimes this kind of re-design, whilst coming from the best of intentions, can result in seeming more sexist and a tad puritan.

And, anyway, I’ve seen the Wonder Woman telly show. She had MAGIC high heels – totally practical. They vanished whenever she had to do the whole superhero running / jumping / fighting / whatever. Besides, I’ve also seen Jurassic World. And heels also serve as a useful extra stabby weapon.

And not much point in being a superhero if you don’t get some bright, shiny colours (not ALL superheroes :rolling_eyes: ; depends on the character, etc. likewise the whole revealing costume thing) and a swirly, twirly cape. And even a cape can be practical – provides ample room for secret pockets (like Kwothe’s cloak) to conceal all kinds of weapons. Also, Elektra has super-stealthy Bruce Lee ninja skills, so she can wear whatever colour she likes and no one would notice her because NINJA.


I remember an interview with Lynda Carter’s stunt woman where she said the hardest part of the job was arguing with directors who wanted her to do the jumps in heels.


Easy way to resolve that argument – “Sure I’ll jump in heels if you demonstrate how first, Mr Stupid-Face Director. And managing to do so, but breaking both ankles upon landing doesn’t count.”