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Superhero design discussion thread


Wouldn’t it be great if he did own the rights to his designs?

Marvel owns the rights. I was saying in the article that he took the commonplace look of a Halloween pumpkin and gave it wholly-unique elements, making it proprietary, a look that could be trademarked without dispute.

The 2016 pumpkin head looks like any other pumpkin head. Everything Ditko did to make the character unique is now missing.


My favourite costume designer at the moment is Cory Walker:

And not a costume design, but:


Those are all terrific. The Supergirl and Batgirl particularly.


Bonus points for keeping with pants.

Is that Wonder Woman or Wonder Girl?


DC Comics’ “Rebirth” Character Designs for Batman, Wonder Woman and More


DC Unveils “Rebirth” Designs For Green Arrow, Supergirl and Superboy


New Wally West costume:


Half masks like it’s 1995. #Spartan


Oh lordy. The skull condom strikes back.

First time he says "Mes ami! I’m a-gonna clout him!


Jim Lee did not invent the open cowl.


If a certain character referred to me as ma chérie, I really don’t think I would complain. :wink:


More “Rebirth” redesigns:

First Look at DC Rebirth Designs For Bizarro, Red Robin, Batman Beyond & More


Do any stand out to you?


New Superman

Not really a fan of Red Robin’s look…


Have they redesigned Optimus Prime as well? :astonished:


That new mask piece on Batman Beyond is quite horrible… How do you screw up such a simple and beautiful design? =/

Oh wait…



Chinese Super Man is kind of cool. reminds me of something Millar would have designed for Red Son or something.


DC Shows Off New Rebirth Designs for Wally West, Donna Troy & More Titans


These have already been discussed in DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here but I figured we could still discuss them here:


I can’t.