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Superhero design discussion thread


Spider-Man’s 10 Best Comic Book Costumes EVER

Quite a few on this list are debatable.


It’s crazy to think that there are people who want anything that isn’t the classic costume on screen.


At some point, far in the future when all the rights issues have been sorted out, we may finally, finally, see our collective dream realised on-screen.


Nothing ever said “Spidey” as much as Peter being forced to fight crime with a grocery bag on his head. Anything else is kinda superfluous.


Bruce Wayne’s new Batman costume:


What is he supposed to be throwing?


Smoke pellets.

Also: Not a fan of the Bat logo but I suppose it’s better than the yellow oval =P


I think an interesting test of these redesigns is to see how it looks when other artists draw them. Capullo makes it look good, I’ll be interested to see some other interpretations to see how well it fits other styles.


Thought this was interesting:


My first encounter with this character was in a 1983 childrens comic, but the design always stuck with me. It was only in recent years that I discovered Steve Ditko was the artist behind it. The millennial redesign of the character just hit toy stores, so I thought I’d compare how Ditko made common concepts his own, versus the uninspired new look:
Thank you for reading. Enjoy!


I didn’'t realise the Ditko estate had proprietary rights to design elements.

Was it just Jack O’Lantern and, presumably, Green Goblin, or do the rights extend to all the Spider-Man villain designs - Electro, Sandman, Doctor Octopos, The Lizard?


Ditko estate? Steve’s still alive isn’t he?


I totally disagree but this was funny.


I thought this was a fun video about the costumes worn by the X-Men and the differences between the comics and movies.
I don’t agree with it, per se. Honestly it feels like @Jacowboy made it. :smile:


Well I agree with the principle of it, although not the specifics of some of those arguments.

And btw, I didn’t mind the leather costumes when they came out… it’s just I’m tired of them now and it’s time to do something better. And no, those DoFP “costumes” don’t count… even the ones with colors :smile:


I didn’t particularly care for when they brought the black leather to the comics. Wolverine wearing a leather jacket with no shirt made him look like a refugee from a Tom of Finland comic.


Still alive and still working.


Some more redesigns by Ray-Anthony Height:


Wonder Man:

Night Thrasher:


Yes, I believe he is.


I love the Wonder Man redesign, but the Night Thrasher redesign just doesn’t seem Skateboardy enough for me…I always liked that he was Batman, but with skateboarding.