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Superhero design discussion thread


I always thought he kept them up his sleeves. I’ve never seen Gambit have to go through his pockets looking for his cards. That would be hilaire though!

“Hey mon brave, jes’ gimme a second, no? I’m lookin’ f’r my cartes. Dey’re somewheres in ‘ere. In one o’ my pockets. Ima fin’ dem, den we c’n fight, yes? Bada Boom! Gumbo. Tres cajun, no?”


Hey, don’t get me wrong. I like Gambit…the way you like a slightly slow cousin or a puppy with three legs. It’s a mixture of affection and pity…but mostly pity…because you know they try but they just fall short of the mark.



Den you throw de card.


Reason number 5 on your list. I’ll give you that. Holy hell, Rogue was the business.
Also: Lady Gambit Cosplay. Unf.

That said, here’s my rebuttal:

Highlights include:

“How far can he throw those explosive cards, anyway?”

“…a partial head condom.”

“…de big swamp gator named Ol’ Man Larou dat bit his pappy’s leg clean off…”

C’est drôle, oui?


I hate you now.


Isn’t it ‘den you blow it up?’


I posit that Gambit is gay.

No judgment now, I am quite supportive of love in any form.


Eye make-up.

Always seen in the company of other males, usually “playing cards”.

GF? Rogue. The only woman who cannot be touched. Ever. In any manner.

History? Refused to marry the female head of a competing thief clan. What if that leader had been a guy?

Keeps using long coats in lieu of a skirt.

Intermittent Cajun accent.

Hangs with guys in leather. And more eye make-up.


Eye makeup?


That’s a solid considered hypothesis…especially the bit about the guyliner


Y’know, I never really noticed it much (I grew up in Hollywood, hitting 20 about the time glam-rock hit big). Not until Blade Trinity and the scene where Dominick Purcell got personal with the clerk in the vampire shop. For some reason that actor and the guyliner made a statement.


So, this is the worst thread ever.

Please close this thread.


What’s your problem with it, mon ami?


Gambit is a suave ladies man and youre all jealous!

Real men wear pink!


Your damn right we do!


Thing is, Gambit’s supposed to be a master thief. That suggests stealth is required. Pink is not stealthy.


Oh yeah, well, Black Panther’s not even a real panther. So there.


His X-treme X-Men look was pretty decent:


That second pic is all “Come at me bro” - only without any real conviction or hope of been taken seriously - and in a heavy Cajun accent.


Ironically, it’s not as extreme as his regular look.


Redesign Kris Anka did of White Queen.