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Superhero design discussion thread


Getting a costume right isn’t rocket science. For DC characters, at least, all you have to ask is “how did Garcia-Lopez draw it?”

Which gives me a segue to post this piece I just came across :slight_smile:


I hope to meet Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez next month at C2E2 in Chicago. While I don’t think everyone should be beholden to his designs, I do admire him and he drew (unknowingly at the time) my first experiences with some of my favorite characters.



I’m going to up vote @kandorlives’s post just to annoy you.


So that’s how it’s going to be? I see where we stand now. :wink:


One of my favorite Iron Man armors:


Mine too. The first Iron Man story I ever read is the one where he dons it for the first time and fights Obidiah Stane. So for years I never understood why people wanted to put him into a supposedly “Classic” red and gold version of the armour (or derivation thereof).

I was a big fan of the Bleeding Edge armour from the Fraction/Larocca series as well though, although that’s probably a function of me liking the series more that any appreciation for the aesthetics.


He’s a MCU conceptual artist… he’s one of the 3 or 4 guys who do those awesome interlocking posters for the movies and such… like this one:


So we’re getting a Gambit movie whether we like it or not.

I really hope they give him a decent costume, even if he doesn’t get a decent script (any bets against it being an origin story?). I’m saying this because Gambit has one of the lamest costumes ever - in the same league as Jubilee (what’s with those stupid shades?) and Namor (don’t fish-scale speedos chafe?). The trenchcoat/compression vest/jeggings combo is not cool. It screams campus hipster: the kind of guy who drinks organic lattes and judges you for reading Kant because you can read Kant but unlike him, you don’t get Kant. You just don’t.

Also, his mask: what is up with the mask? It covers everything but his face. I think that’s why Tatum got the greenlight for the role. Someone saw him in Foxcatcher wearing his wrestling headgear and was like “This guy looks like that superhero from the X-Men. Not the popular one with the claws. The lame one with the confused accent. That one. Let’s make a movie with him.” Seriously, it’s like the dude is wearing orthodontic-headgear…which I suppose appeals to a certain demographic.

The mullet.

And why does he have playing cards and a quarterstaff? Pick one. Wolverine has claws; not claws and a yo-yo. Cyclops has his visor; not a visor and super-soaker. Maybe it’s because Gambit is that lame that he needs two weapons.

Also, dressing him like some cut-rate knock-off of The Riddler doesn’t help. I’m looking at you, Taylor Kitsch. What the hell was that anyway? Dude looked like he was powered by Pimp Articles.

Give him something functional but fashionable, sensible but stylish. Give him anything but what he’s got right now. Please.




Hell no, that was deliberate.

EDIT: Look at this guy. He looks like the result of a regrettable one night stand between Iceberg Slim and an anonymous collection of random douchebags.


What I like about this pic is that everyone’s fighting someone…except Hawkeye. He’s just there - and it looks like he got there late too, like everyone buddied up and he was left with his bow.


Yeah, Gambit was never the best example of Jim Lee’s design skills. No man should wear hot pink if he’s not a member of the Hart Foundation…and even then…


I can’t wait for @TMasters to read this!

Think about how weird Gambit would look without the coat though! I’d be up for a New X-Men reinvention, leather jacket and stuff.
The important thing is that he has pockets to keep his cards.


Those go on the inside of his coat.


His … pockets?


Yeah. His coat is lined with tons of pockets to keep decks of cards and his staff in.


Few. I thought you were inferring that his cards were velcroed to the inside or something. Which would be too silly for comics.


Yep a classic and I remember staring at the cover for an age when I picked this up.



Gambit don’t suffer no fools lightly-like, mon ami.

Gambit say dere one rule you follow here. Dat rule is you don’t talk about fight club.

No wait … Dat rule is you don’t make no fun of Gambit…


Umm… First you charge de card…